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Pella Opens New Doors with Contentstack's Headless CMS

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Pella either had to invest heavily in their current environment and try to improve the performance or make a move to a new platform. The decoupled frontend from the content management side was a primary motivation to move to Contentstack’s headless CMS. Pella was confident that Contentstack would improve their performance.

By moving to Contentstack headless CMS, Pella’s team also achieved the following things:

  • The new platform’s architectural structure provided peace-of-mind. The decoupled frontend from the content management side meant Pella wasn't restricted by predefined templates and could build whole sites in a fraction of the time it took to produce the new product pages.
  • Pella was also able to become ADA compliant with help from raw engineering, a strategic services partner that excels at Contentstack implementations.
  • Contentstack's flexibility allowed Pella to integrate with a static site generator, Gatsby, which greatly improved site performance.
  • The Image API feature enables Pella to change the size and shape of images on the fly. They used to have to create up to four sizes of every image, now they can use one image, and the API feature does all the resizing.

Download the complete case study to learn more about Pella’s decision to move to a headless CMS after having experienced the many challenges while working with a tightly coupled monolithic CMS.

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