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MoneyHero Group unlocks finance content publishing agility with Contentstack

MoneyHero Group wanted to normalize, update, and maintain a large amount of product data across many markets.

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Stacks down from 97 in 12 months
Decrease in time to new product rollout
Web pages meeting and exceeding Core Web Vitals targets
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Looking to optimize their process for managing product data, over the past 12-18 months, MoneyHero Group has expanded its use of Contentstack to provide tooling, features and support for technical and non-technical team members to normalize, manage and maintain a large number of financial products. By using the robust feature set of Contentstack’s headless CMS, product data is now more structured, consistent, and reliable across the multiple different markets MoneyHero Group operates in and content is released in a fraction of the time.

The challenge

MoneyHero Group educates and supports consumers with understanding and utilizing consumer finance products. With multiple websites across Southeast Asia aimed at different markets, the company is a product aggregator, displaying sophisticated financial data in a simplified way to support consumers in making smart financial decisions.  

Since 2018, MoneyHero Group has used Contentstack as a key part of its technology stack, originally as an object database solution to support customers purchasing a credit card, and since then to create digital experience agility through data and content management and localization, product information management, page speed optimization, membership and reward journeys, and more. 

As part of its continual drive for excellence, 12-18 months ago MoneyHero Group took the opportunity to look holistically across all of its technology stacks, and isolate pain points and areas for improvement. 

The team realized that it was relying on a complicated process for updating web pages, and for publishing static product data. “A lot of time was spent making changes to content, verifying accuracy, and following the publishing process through to production across multiple markets,” Andrew de Ridder, Head of Application Engineering said. “We put a goal in place to normalize that product data and manage it centrally in a way that was much easier to use, which would speed up the time it took to roll out new product lines as well.”

Both technical and non-technical team members began researching a variety of solutions, from Product Information Management systems and headless and non-headless CMSes, to building a bespoke solution in-house. The right choice would allow for: 

  • Ease of use: Supporting team members when interacting with the system, including finding, reviewing and updating content intuitively and at speed. 

  • Flexibility and extensibility: Integrating with MoneyHero Group’s wider tech stack, and with well-documented APIs and SDKs in place. 

  • Reduced time to market: Allowing the company to quickly define and roll out new types of content and data with accuracy and control.

The solution

After considerable due process, MoneyHero Group realized that they didn’t need to build or buy a new solution, and could achieve all of their goals using Contentstack’s headless CMS. The team created a centralized repository of product data, and normalized the schema so that it became general purpose data for any market or product. Both technical and non-technical team members now have a fast and intuitive way to manage all data and content. MoneyHero Group takes advantage of Branches, Workflows and User Role and Management Enablement tools within Contentstack to ensure speed, security, and accuracy of content releases and updates.

“The technical tooling and APIs that Contentstack provides allows our engineering teams the power and flexibility to surface content wherever it's needed, from multiple websites in different regions, to email, social media, or whatever use case comes next,” Andrew continued. “Products are modeled in a general purpose structure, so everything from credit cards to travel insurance or whatever product lines come next for us can share the same schema. Even downstream systems like accounting can pull from the normalized data. This is something we haven’t ever had before.”

MoneyHero Group’s content teams continue to take advantage of the rich feature set that Contentstack provides, including bulk and scheduled publishing, Releases, and native localization tools for content across live websites in countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan. These tools ensure that all data shown under the brand is accurate and up to date. For entity management, engineers use the Contentstack SDK to create Custom Fields, allowing content teams to effectively manage and maintain even the most complicated financial data. For front-end presentation systems, MoneyHero Group leverages the Contentstack Image Delivery API, keeping pages well-optimized for speed and performance via consistent high-fidelity images and assets.

The results

With many developed markets to serve, MoneyHero Group has been able to extend usage of different websites to include more content types and roll out new product releases in a fraction of the time. Multiple brands can be managed within separate stacks for ease of use while enforcing standardization across all websites.

Having accurate and up-to-date product data and page content is absolutely critical to a product aggregator, and Contentstack is a key tool that helps MoneyHero Group and its various brands manage this mission critical data. Contentstack also provides many tools and APIs that let the engineers at MoneyHero Group build out exciting and fast user experiences across all our websites.

Andrew de Ridder | Head of Application Engineering
  • A streamlined publishing process: The engineering team has reduced their stacks from 97 to 20, and technical and non-technical team members can locate, manage and update content with ease.
  • Dramatically shorter time to market: A new product line traditionally took up to six weeks to release. It can now be rolled out in under a week with reduced engineering involvement. 
  • Exceptional customer experience: As well as accurate and standardized content across all sites, MoneyHero Group are now meeting and exceeding Web Vitals targets for speed and performance on >90% of web pages. 


MoneyHero Group is a FinTech company that utilizes technologies in smart and efficient ways to help improve and educate consumers about an ever-changing financial world. Operating multiple websites across Southeast Asia that aggregate and compare financial products available in the market, on each of these websites, information is displayed in a simplified and normalized way to enable consumers to make informed choices about their financial health.


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