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Miami HEAT Delivers Realtime Personalized Digital Experiences with a Headless CMS

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Before moving to Contentstack headless content management system, the Miami HEAT was using SDL Tridion as their primary CMS. According to Matthew Jafarian, Vice President, Digital Strategy & Innovation, Tridion wasn't able to meet business expectations on several levels: Tridion’s licensing was costly, and customization and integration expenses were cost-prohibitive; Tridion was not able to scale to satisfy the needs of a growing population of users; in an attempt to build out much-needed functionality the HEAT development team started layering on third-party software, resulting in a complex system that was extremely difficult to operate. Ultimately, the HEAT reached an impasse where Tridion was just not delivering the desired results.

To add to the sense of urgency, mobile as a digital channel in sports had grown in importance to engage captive audiences during game time and beyond, with mobile device penetration among fans visiting the arena nearing 100%.

The HEAT began searching for a solution that could address their existing CMS issues and simultaneously unlock the potential of a compelling mobile content experience. The headless content management system helps the HEAT achieve business and technical goals in the following ways:

  • Move from a legacy content management system that was complex and costly for developers and businesses to a more flexible and scalable CMS that can support the business' growth.
  • Adopt a CMS solution with advanced integration technology that enables innovative, personalized digital experiences.
  • Deliver content in realtime and capture realtime user data and allow the marketing team to create highly curated offers that are tailored down to the individual, rather than based on broad, generic spectator segments.

Download a copy of this case study to learn more about the challenges Miami HEAT faced as an ever-changing sports organization and how a headless CMS solution has helped its franchise win awards and meet new business and digital demands.

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