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Lepaya experiences rapid growth and operational efficiency using Contentstack

With composable architecture, Lepaya can scale content production, fostering retention and empowering employees to own their career growth.

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Lepaya was anticipating a high-growth period marked by entering new markets and an increase in training modules. However, Lepaya’s existing legacy CMS was not fit for purpose. By adopting Contentstack’s composable DXP, Lepaya increased development speed by 250% and integrated intelligent workflow processes for smarter content creation, efficient capacity planning and streamlined decision-making.

The challenge

As a leader in learning and development, Lepaya upskills the workforces of companies around the world. Today, more than 200 training modules are accessible through its dedicated web and mobile app, supporting learning journeys that range from management and leadership to diversity and inclusion. Dynamic, interactive content empowers learners to achieve more in their careers and when companies want to upskill their people, they turn to Lepaya. 

To reach this level of success, ensure continued growth and enable better localization and personalization, Lepaya recognized a need to upgrade from the WordPress CMS to a composable architecture. “We knew that we would be making a big jump, and anticipating that growth, it was clear that our system was too weak to support what we wanted to achieve," said Darya Meinecke, Lepaya’s content manager. 

With the previous system, content operations were hampered by a need for intensive manual effort and a lack of workflow processes. For example, Lepaya previously managed localization by emailing documents and json files to translators, a slow, error-prone process. Updating learning modules required manually changing content. The team also had no set workflow process for developing and publishing new content, leaving CSMs to create modules without full awareness of best-practices, changes and customizations. 

The solution

Today, Lepaya’s entire learning portal, which includes the web and mobile apps, is powered by Contentstack. In the 2 years since Lepaya adopted this composable DXP, the company has seen rapid growth. 

By utilizing workflows, Lepaya now has visibility into who built what content and when. “People used to work on a module, and then that work would be removed or deleted, and we lacked visibility," said Meinecke. "At one point, we had 20 CSMs creating content independently. Now we have 15 licenses, and only dedicated L&D specialists are building that content, which frees CSMs up to focus on customers. It also adds a needed layer of quality control.” 

One of the most important changes has been the ability to reuse and recycle content across modules. Much of Lepaya’s content can be used for multiple learning paths and courses, and leveraged to avoid building content entirely from scratch. Lepaya can now refresh outdated modules strategically and only make necessary changes. “We have a lot of generic copy, like messages that congratulate learners for an accomplishment,” said Meinecke.

Something like that could be used in 100 modules. If we want to make a change, I can now edit once and it will update everywhere. If we still used WordPress, this wouldn’t be possible.

Darya Meinecke | Content Manager

Lepaya has also synced Contentstack with Salesforce and its own in-house planning system. As a result, operations teams and CSMs can submit tasks and contextualizations more efficiently. A dedicated onboarding and implementation team can make special requests, such as branding a module for a specific customer, or using a certain tone of voice. Now, Lepaya can easily track the time and resources involved in building a module, supporting more accurate capacity planning and decision-making. 

Contentstack’s flexible integration capabilities have also improved Lepaya’s localization abilities, increasing its reach from 2 languages to 8, including Mandarin. By integrating with Translated, workflows trigger an automated translation request. With a single click, we have a translation request ready in 2 minutes,” said Meinecke. “We still have things reviewed by a translator and proofreader, but if we have something urgent, we can create it very fast. Employees who work on localization have given very positive feedback as well. They especially like the staging environment, which makes it easy to preview content.”

The results

Contentstack reduced our workload significantly. Internal clients and learning designers even say, ‘If I build things in WordPress it takes me ages, but if I use Contentstack, it takes minutes!’ We can copy modules, tag them, search, and filter to find the entries we need. With WordPress, that wasn’t an option.

Darya Meinecke | Content Manager

For Lepaya, the next steps center on creating more interactive and personalized learning journeys and offering the right media and experience for each learner and their needs. The team would also like to benefit from Contentstack’s taxonomy features to better classify, organize and manage a range of content. 

Lepaya’s key wins with Contentstack include:

  • 7,500 entries: Using WordPress, what Lepaya could achieve was limited. Today, the company has increased its entries from 300 to 7,500 and dramatically scaled the variety of training modules it offers. 
  • 250% increase in development speed: Teams can move faster with Contentstack, with better capacity planning, quality control and visibility baked in through automated workflows and powerful integrations. 
  • Localization at speed: Lepaya now publishes in 8 languages, including Mandarin. Translations can be completed in a few minutes, allowing Lepaya to easily expand into new markets as it continues scaling.


Lepaya is an L&D technology and training provider with a vision to connect people’s potential to business impact. With a blend of online, offline, VR and AI-powered training approaches, Lepaya empowers globally distributed teams to develop confidence in navigating organizational change and excelling in every stage of their careers.


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