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K2 Sports Increases Website Creation Speed by 75% with a Headless CMS

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Previously, K2 utilized a combination of homegrown CMS and Demandware to manage their websites. Due to many limitations in business and developer features, as well as the high level of costly technical and specialized skills required to manage the systems, K2 decided to migrate to Contentstack for a more business- and developer-friendly headless CMS.

Since migrating to Contentstack's web content management system, K2 Sports achieved the following goals:

  • Extensible APIs reduced manual process errors and allowed K2 to automate processes like updating product size charts and build integrations that are highly unique to their technology.
  • Contentstack's multi-environment feature made building, structuring data, and managing content faster and more straightforward. Developers can now readily build in staging–or any other environment they set up–before committing to production.
  • Onboarding was straightforward and quick. Business users needed little to no training and can independently build landing pages and update content without a developer’s help.
  • Developers now have time to focus on more critical projects as Contentstack's flexibility doesn’t require a specialized development team to maintain it.
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