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Generali Austria fosters omnichannel engagement with Contentstack

A composable architecture provides Generali with the flexibility to create a fully integrated digital experience.

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Generali Austria sought out headless technology to improve flexibility and integration across the business, and to streamline multi-channel content capabilities for mobile, web, and a new intranet site to foster internal knowledge sharing. After deploying Contentstack’s Composable DXP, the business has a single architecture with one content store to empower marketing teams to streamline content publishing across all channels. The Generali intranet currently supports 5,000 employees, and the company website has seen a 15% boost in usage and engagement.

The challenge

Today’s customers expect 360° communication, and Generali Austria recognized the need to be present across all devices in a way that was more optimized towards business goals while also supporting their internal teams with a centralized knowledge hub. The Generali Austria team adopted Contentstack’s platform for two key initiatives: Improving the content operations on their website, and creating an intranet for 5,000 employees to foster information exchange and internal learning.

“We were looking at a headless CMS because we knew it allowed for a connected experience across any channel,” Thomas Schiebel, web architect - IT, said. “Our business has changed in a way that everything is more connected. While 10-15 years ago you just had a website, now we have connections to mobile, back-end systems, and many different sources and channels to integrate with. With traditional technology this was difficult, but a headless CMS would make that possible.” 

As well as integrating with other systems across the business, Generali Austria wanted to improve their multi-channel offerings, while streamlining how content was published on their website and mobile site. Previously, every time there was a website task to complete like publishing a new product landing page, marketing teams were heavily reliant on IT and had to send an email for any sort of content updates. Not only did this divert developers from their core focus, it created a bottleneck for content operations as a whole.  

The intranet initiative was a key driver in Generali’s decision to adopt a composable tech stack. Generali needed to support their employees with easily accessible educational resources and knowledge sharing. This kind of learning portal would be prohibitively resource-intensive without a composable architecture. 

The solution

The first project for Generali after onboarding Contentstack’s headless CMS was the intranet site. Launched in scope and on time, developers appreciated the use of industry-standard APIs, and the business can now equip employees with the information they need by pulling in content from the user interface with ease. 

Next, Generali reassessed their website content, pursuing an approach that would give marketing teams more autonomy over publishing content, and allow developers to focus on their core business function. “Before, it was hard to connect our back-end systems to a traditional CMS,”  Schiebel said. “Now, we can integrate with whatever we need, whether it’s for the intranet or the public website. We are much more connected, with no need to change between systems, logins, and interfaces. Everything just fits into a single architecture.”

By deploying Contentstack, Generali now has a single content store that houses all of its assets, allowing any stakeholder to work directly within the CMS, and streamlining collaboration across teams. Using Contentstack’s defined workflows, there is a clear structure for publishing content — from landing pages and text assets, to content for new product launches. Generali can now push content to different platforms, including web, mobile, and to the new intranet.  

“It’s a much more streamlined and collaborative process,” Bettina Divos, content manager, said. “Knowledge sharing and updating content has become much easier. We now have 60 users in Contentstack who all use the platform for publishing and editing, which means we can have more interaction, more changes, and more content.”

The results

Before Contentstack, marketing couldn’t build a campaign landing page without involving the IT department. Every change required a request to IT. Now, we can do it on our own — just build what we need, and publish it. Developers can concentrate on building new functionality, and we can take responsibility for deploying content. It’s added a lot more trust and collaboration to the relationship.

Bettina Divos | Content Manager

Generali Austria has leveraged Contentstack to improve internal operations and knowledge sharing, and to boost the user experience through a flexible, optimized and up-to-date digital content strategy. In the future, Generali Austria would like to utilize Contentstack’s personalization capabilities to take this experience to the next level. 

Benefits of Contentstack for Generali Austria include: 

  • A single content store: Centralizing all content in a composable way allows for ultimate flexibility for marketing and development teams. Content can now be leveraged cross-functionally and without duplication, for use cases such as blog distribution across web and mobile sites, product and service updates, or the employee intranet. 

  • 15% increase in website engagement: Since onboarding Contentstack, Generali Austria has seen a 10-15% improvement in website usage and customer engagement across web and mobile. This can be attributed to website optimization such as faster load times, improved content, and a streamlined digital experience across channels. 

  • Increased employee satisfaction: Developers love the API-friendly architecture of Contentstack, and marketing stakeholders have been empowered to take control over content changes. This frees up development time and expertise for higher-value engineering projects, and gives marketers more flexibility, control, and freedom for creative decision making. 


Generali is present in more than 50 countries as one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers in the world. The DACH business unit covers Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and is the second largest unit within the Generali Group and one of the leading primary insurance groups in the DACH region. At the heart of Generali’s strategy is its commitment to customers, achieved through innovative solutions, best-in-class customer experience and digitalized global distribution capabilities.


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