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Freeletics achieves flexibility, future growth with Contentstack

Freeletics needed a CMS that could help them attain their complex, far-reaching vision of explosive growth coupled with content experimentation.

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increase in developer productivity
reduction in cycle time from inception to publication
engineering cost savings
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When Christie L. Cleveland-Callanan, senior product manager, joined Freeletics, the use of a content management system (CMS) was limited to publishing blogs. The engineers and content managers were frustrated by the rigidity of the system because it lacked versioning or scheduling. The contract was coming up for renewal, so the engineering team decided to evaluate other CMS options.

Contentstack features and flexibility allow us to grow the way we believe we need to grow. Contentstack gives us the freedom to try things we previously hadn’t considered.

Christie L. Cleveland-Callanan | Senior Product Manager, Freeletics

The solution

When scoring the different systems, Contentstack blew the competition away. Contentstack included the features that the Freeletics team needed, and it had so much flexibility that the engineers preferred it over the competitors.

Because their team was busy working on their training and mindfulness product, they brought in Raw Engineering, a software engineering services firm, to set up and migrate to Contentstack. The migration included moving over 6,000 pages of content to Contentstack in about three weeks.

Cleveland-Callanan’s vision was for the company to be fueled by Contentstack, so it would be the underlying layer for everything that Freeletics does. Contentstack would act as Freeletics’ content hub and its single source of truth.

“Content is not merely a marketing function anymore,” Cleveland-Callanan said, “it’s a product function, too, and it should be treated cross-functionally so that it helps give us context for what we’re doing.”

“I’ve dealt with around 20 different CMS companies at this point in my career,” Cleveland-Callanan said, “and Contentstack has the most dedicated, genuine people. Before and after the deal, Contentstack has been consistent. We get consistent responses and support. I love the chat feature built into Contentstack. We can reach out to technical support at any time. The developers love that as well. It’s quick and friendly. We have an amazing business relationship and partnership.”

Freeletics publishes in up to 10 languages. The development team integrated Contentstack with one of their translation services for automated translations. Now there are no more endless hours of copying and pasting. The team also uses workflows for translations. It previously took more than four weeks to translate content from the original German into nine languages. Now the cycle time for the entire translation process is less than a week — an 80% reduction in time to market.

Contentstack is providing optimization and growth to help us attain our complex and far-reaching vision, and we’re on track to achieve it. It makes it easier for us to do our jobs, reach our goals, and experiment.

Christie L. Cleveland-Callanan | Senior Product Manager, Freeletics

The results

  • Publication cycle time reduced from 22.5 days to 4.5 days
  • Translation time reduced from four weeks to one week
  • Developer productivity up 58%
  • Cost savings of 60%


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