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Inside ICE's Pandemic Pivot

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ICE, the leading cloud-based platform provider for the mortgage finance industry, faced a considerable challenge in executing their annual conference. Due to COVID-19, ICE needed to pivot from a live in-person event to create their first virtual conference, Virtual Experience 2020.

Contentstack's headless CMS helped ICE successfully launch Virtual Experience 2020 in the following way:

  • ICE was able to leverage the content they already had in the system so they didn’t have to rebuild it or go in and change a schema or a database. This saved them a ton a time and made it possible for them to meet their four-week deadline.
  • Because Contentstack integrated with whatever was best for the user experience versus re-implementing, ICE could build in great features, such as commenting, bookmarking, liking, etc., improving the user experience.
  • Contentstack's user-friendly interface allowed ICE to quickly and easily train non-technical users to update and manage content.
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