Berlitz Sees 126% Increase in Lead Conversions After Adopting Headless CMS

Looking to create a more consistent brand experience, Berlitz set out to find a centralized platform that was user friendly for business and technical teams. By adopting Contentstack’s API-first CMS, Berlitz was able to empower their regional teams to manage and update content without sacrificing brand consistency. The flexibility of Contentstack also allowed them to integrate with Gatsby and other applications to decrease website load times and increase lead conversions.

Since migrating to Contentstack's web content management system, Berlitz achieved the following goals:

  • Having the presentation layer separated from the development layer gave all of Berlitz's regional teams the ability to build out branded front-end presentation layers without disrupting each site’s content or underlying data.
  • Contentstack's user-friendly UI made onboarding a large marketing team with different skill sets a breeze.
  • With Contentstack they were able to introduce a mobile-first philosophy and architecture as well as integrate with Gatsby to see much faster page load times and performance increases.

Download a copy of this case study to learn more about how Berlitz tackled their CMS challenges and how a headless CMS solution has helped their organization meet their needs.


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