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Assembly unifies their brand presence, enabling future growth, with Contentstack

By adopting composable technology, Assembly has eliminated bottlenecks and opened the door to innovation.

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Working with three siloed WordPress instances across three separate websites, Assembly wanted to rearchitect the structure of its brand, and modernize its web presence. By adopting Contentstack’s headless CMS, Assembly now has a single website that reflects its sophisticated brand, with accelerated content management through reusable templates and components, and an integrated, modern marketing tech stack enabling true future-focus and scale. 

The challenge

Assembly powers industry-leading legal case management software for lawyers in the United States, built with both legal expertise and technological innovation. After a successful but complex merger, Assembly was managing three separate websites: Assembly Legal, Needles, and Trialworks — each of which had their own unique look and feel with strong and distinct branding.

"We needed to take these disparate, legacy brands and bring them into the future,” Jessica Collier, VP Growth Marketing, Assembly, said. “We wanted to uplevel all of these websites into a new, modern sophisticated web presence, and in doing so — elevate our brand and refine our positioning.” 

Before the rebrand, Assembly utilized three separate WordPress instances to manage their websites. However, they knew that their outdated technologies did not align with their objectives. Collier expressed, "WordPress was inefficient, and we required a more effective approach to content management and publishing. Upon my initial assessment, I was surprised by the simplistic nature of the WordPress instances. Tasks such as conducting A/B tests or updating content were challenging to execute. Collaborating with a development team to introduce new templates and designs proved time-consuming and cumbersome. Recognizing the need for significant changes, I eagerly anticipated the opportunity to implement a fresh start from the ground up.”

After a recommendation from Authentic Digital, a Concord company, Assembly chose to take the leap with composable technology and adopt a headless CMS to modernize their digital marketing operations.

The solution

Today, Assembly has consolidated its three disparate websites into a single cohesive web presence — Assemblysoftware.com. By creating robust templates with reusable, modular components, the team has everything they need to create content without reliance on a development team. And when the team does require new template or components, Collier says, “It is much easier to get work in motion. Where it used to take WordPress developers four or five weeks to develop these enhancements, it now takes as little as a couple of days.”

Since the launch of the new Assembly website, the team has onboarded multiple new power users of the Contentstack platform, who have hit the ground running with very little onboarding and no formal training. "This has truly been our ultimate test," remarked Collier. "Observing individuals effortlessly utilize Contentstack as intended, seamlessly copying, updating, and publishing content, serves as a genuine validation of the platform. The rapid adoption rate is truly impressive!"

While the platform offers a lot of flexibility and customization, it’s easy for content managers to stay on brand, with consistent fonts and sizes for headlines, and a maintained look and feel throughout the site. In that way, the components and the templates keep content managers accountable, and allow for anyone to step in and publish content where necessary, ensuring the team is never on hold waiting for someone to get back from vacation. 

There is a myth that a headless CMS is developer-driven or tech-heavy. For us, it's not. We’ve built our workflows around components and templates, and it's very accessible for non-technical publishers.

Jessica Collier | VP Growth Marketing

One feature that’s been incredibly powerful for Assembly is AI assistant. “I use AI Assistant all the time, to reduce the manual effort of SEO optimization for page descriptions and teaser text,” Collier said. “I love that I’m able to put in a blog post, and page descriptions are auto-generated with the right number of characters and keywords and then I can take that and transform it into really interesting teaser text. It’s been a real time saver for me, and I trust the Contentstack AI because it’s right there in the software, not a third-party tool that doesn’t have the context of the page. It’s become my virtual SEO assistant, leaving me more space for creative thinking.”

Thanks to Contentstack’s composable architecture, Assembly has been able to modernize its marketing tech stack, including integrating robust A/B testing and intelligent analytics, for optimal visibility to help improve the customer journey. 

The results

Rebranding, consolidating three sites, and launching a new domain alongside a new content management system was a big undertaking for us! But it has also been a transformative journey. I don't think I truly understood the biggest benefit of headless technology at first, but now I'm seeing the value. It’s future-proof. There’s always going to be something changing, whether it’s in Google’s algorithms, or with new technology to adopt. Contentstack’s underlying platform allows us to be really agile, to scale — to try new things, and to eliminate constraints.

Jessica Collier | VP Growth Marketing

For Assembly, the beauty of Contentstack is the opportunity to be ready for anything, and to move with speed and agility. Assembly is U.S.-based, but if it sets its sights on going international, localization tools are available. If the results of the A/B testing suggest a need for personalization, Contentstack can enable predictive and tailored content. By eliminating the bottlenecks of WordPress, the potential for innovation is limitless. 

Assembly’s key wins with Contentstack include:

  • 50% reduction in publishing speed: Assembly has more than doubled the number of content managers, and anyone can go in and publish blog posts, case studies, or other repeatable content, eliminating bottlenecks in the content publishing process. 
  • Boost to site performance: The business has seen improvements in site performance, including loading times and overall site speed. This will have an organic impact on boosting customer experience and satisfaction. 
  • Future-proof architecture: With a modern, composable platform architecture, Assembly has cherry-picked and integrated its marketing technology stack of choice, and can take its roadmap in any direction. 


In 2017, Trialworks and Needles, two leading legal case management software companies, joined forces to create Assembly. Combining resources and experience allowed for more meaningful investments, robust product development, and improved management strength. The company leveraged nearly 40 years of combined legal technology experience to create Neos, a cloud-based case management platform that can handle even the most complex firm needs.


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