The future of
personalization, now

Put the latest tech advancements to work to overcome digital barriers and unleash the full potential of personalization at scale


Personalization built for simplicity, designed for unprecedented scale

Easily tailor content to customer preferences and behaviors with the power of automation and brand-relevant AI


Integrated A/B testing and segmentation engine designed to simplify the adoption of personalization at scale.

Brand Kit

Making GenAI practical for the enterprise with augmentation smarts to understand company, product sets and brand voice.


Create smart workflows leveraging AI to automate repetitive authoring tasks with reliable and trusted outcomes.


Tailored for results

The way personalization should work
decrease in development time and costs
Ultimate efficiency
  • Reduce time and complexity by integrating personalization directly into your CMS to multiply your content's effectiveness
  • Eliminate fractured workflows with an integrated, intuitive authoring experience to accelerate personalization and remove technical bottlenecks
  • Shift control from IT queues to content teams to enable faster execution of innovative ideas
 faster content publishing
Maximum scale
  • Leverage generative AI to simplify dynamic content creation that speaks in your brand voice
  • Customize content in real time based on individual user data and engagement history, delivering hyper-relevant brand experiences at scale
  • Harness automation capabilities using Contentstack Automate to rapidly generate content variants for multiple audience segments, maximizing efficiency and output without increasing workload
unique visitors receive personalized, optimized content daily
Unmatched results
  • Enhance workflows and ensure reliability throughout every step of your content creation process across highly targeted audiences
  • Empower your digital teams with intuitive tools for running experiments and scaling personalized content based on intent signals
  • Store 10x more content variants for a near-infinite number of loyalty-building experiences
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