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Personalization poseurs: What to look for

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Your customers crave personalized digital experiences more than ever, and businesses have been on an endless quest for the right technologies to meet these high expectations efficiently, effectively and at scale. There are many personalization players in the market, and some companies are even buying their way into this space

But despite all that, a solution remains elusive.

Why is personalization so impersonal?

When we talk to our customers and prospects, here are a few of the top reasons that regularly surface:

  • IT blockers: The need to involve developers slows down operations and prevents scalability
  • Content overload: Generic “personalized” content due to LLMs not having access to relevant information
  • Overly manual: Requires a lot of manual processes that slow down time to market

As you assess personalization capabilities, beware of the Personalization Posers — those CMSes, add-on products, or legacy solutions that promise a lot but deliver little. 

Personalization done right

First off, to deliver omnichannel content quickly and at scale, you need a robust enterprise-grade headless content management system (CMS) as your starting point. This is the most efficient way to deliver content to multiple endpoints. 

And this is where the Contentstack Headless CMS shines, providing the agility and freedom your developers and creatives need to adapt quickly and maintain brand relevance with the right message on any channel at the right time. 

A solution that simplifies personalization, crafted to scale effortlessly

The last thing you need is more complexity. Thankfully, we are in the business of making your life easier, more productive and more profitable. So we don’t just stop with a world-class Headless CMS, we also believe you should be able to easily add a tightly integrated, AI-powered personalization engine to create personalized experiences at scale — with little to no developer time required. That’s why we are launching Personalize, our built-from-the-ground-up A/B testing and segmentation engine designed to work hand-in-hand with our CMS.

AI that knows your business and speaks your voice

Next is how to solve for the content overload… But what good is “personalized” content if it’s not actually personalized or brand-aware? Anyone can prompt an LLM to craft generic, off-brand content for different audiences. You need the ability to marry AI-driven content generation with deep brand insights and product information to make that content drip with your brand voice

We call this Brand Kit, and it works hand-in-hand with Personalize and our previously announced AI Assistant that gives you the power of cutting-edge content generation built into the authoring experience. 

And, what if it was all possible WITHIN your CMS authoring experience? Do we have your attention yet? 

Automate the mundane and routine

The last hurdle to operationalizing personalization at scale is automation smarts that eliminate all the manual tasks that personalization at scale requires. 

Imagine being able to produce 100s of variants of a single piece of omnichannel content for every audience segment you may have with a push of a button. 

When you combine Automate with our personalization engine, it’s not just another broken personalization pipedream – it’s your new reality.

Want true personalization power? We can help

You solve for all that (robust enterprise-grade headless, tightly integrated personalization engine, and automation smarts), and you solve for personalization at scale.

It's hard… we get it—but have no fear. We are here to help you along your personalization journey and fast-track your implementation. We give you the tools you need and help you learn best practices and how to set up and run your personalization campaigns. 

We call this our AI Accelerator. This tailored program provides AI-powered capabilities with all the educational resources and expert support you need. It ensures you're fully equipped to implement AI-powered personalization seamlessly and deploy in just 90 days.

The poseurs out there might have one thing we’ve covered in this piece, but putting them all together to give you the intuitive, developer-free experience you need? Forget it. 

Watch the live debut of Contentstack AI

To learn how to unleash true personalization power, watch the release of our full suite of Contentstack AI products live on stage at ContentCon 2024 on June 5th.

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