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Amplify the impact: Hiring a marketing operations manager

The Contentstack TeamMay 10, 20247 min read

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Do you want to create effective marketing strategies? The expertise of a marketing operations manager will enhance your business efficiency and result in success. To know how a marketing operations manager can assist you with CMS and other marketing tools, request a free demo.


You’ll learn about:

The skills of a marketing operations manager:

  • Data analytics skills
  • Skills in marketing automation tools
  • Strong project management skills
  • Leadership, strategic thinking
  • Compliance understanding and communication skills

The structural importance of a marketing operations team:

  • Process efficiency and technology integration
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Performance measurement for continuous growth

Are you ready to optimize your marketing operations? Hire a skilled marketing operations manager to increase your business performance.

Keep reading to learn more!

Your company needs a strong marketing strategy to reach its target audience, communicate with them and drive sales. But how do you execute a marketing strategy, if you’re already struggling with various marketing issues?

Modern-day businesses that rely on technology cannot work without an experienced marketing operations team. 

This team manages your marketing, data and technology as an integrated process. They use their creativity, marketing and technical knowledge to manage your marketing technology.

Did you know that 93% of B2B marketers say the marketing operations function is important to deliver digital transformation?

That’s why you need a marketing operations manager. These managers improve communication between your company and the customer and ensure that your marketing initiatives generate value.

But what do marketing operations managers do and how do they impact your business performance? Read on to explore.

What is a marketing operations manager?

Marketing operations managers develop strategies to keep their marketing department moving forward. They execute and optimize marketing strategies for the business. As managers, they analyze marketing data and processes to streamline their workflow and improve business performance.

By bridging the gap between marketing and other departments, they align your marketing efforts with business objectives.

For example, collaboration with the product team is crucial during a new product launch. If the marketing team members fail to provide the product specifications, the team cannot deliver the results. The absence of the correct details lowers the team’s ability to create a successful and market-ready product.

A marketing operations manager maintains and manages:

  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising
  • Marketing analytics
  • User testing

They perform duties and maintain your martech stack. Using the data collected, they look for ways to improve their processes and strategies. 

An experienced and senior marketing operations manager reduces any issues in your business. Using the data collected, they make better business decisions and help your other departments perform better work.

These managers use data-driven marketing and project management principles to deliver superior experiences and complete projects. 

Some marketing operations manager responsibilities are:

  • Integrating technologies into the marketing processes
  • Managing the content management system (CMS) and the customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Managing your business’s analytics and performance
  • Ensuring the spending aligns with your marketing budget
  • Conducting market research and analyzing competitors 
  • Training and mentoring marketing staff on various technologies and tools
  • Ensuring compliance with data privacy laws like CCPA and GDPR
  • Collecting, analyzing and interpreting data to make informed decisions and optimize marketing strategies

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When does your business need a marketing operations manager?

While your business benefits from a marketing operations manager, identifying the right moment can help your business become more efficient. In the following circumstances, your marketing team needs a manager:

Increased complexity

As your marketing activities scale, they become complex. That’s when you need a dedicated manager because they ensure smooth business operations.

Tech integration

If you want to adopt new marketing technologies like a headless CMS, a manager can oversee the seamless integration and optimize its usage to increase business efficiency.

How has Freeletics integrated CMS for flexibility and future growth?

Freeletics's limited CMS capabilities for publishing blogs prompted the engineering team to seek alternatives. Freeletics chose Contentstack as its new headless CMS for its flexibility and features, which improved efficiency.

With help from raw engineering, they migrated over 6,000 pages in three weeks. This made Contentstack the core of Freeletics' operations. The transition:

  • Enhanced content management process
  • Simplified the translation process
  • Decreased publication and translation times
  • Increased developer's productivity by 58%
  • Reduced costs by 60%.

After using Contentstack, Christie L. Cleveland-Callanan, Senior Product Manager at Freeletics, said:

“Contentstack is providing optimization and growth to help us attain our complex and far-reaching vision and we’re on track to achieve it. It makes it easier for us to do our jobs, reach our goals and experiment.”

Read the case study here.

Unused automation

If your company uses different automation solutions but is facing certain issues, you need a specialist. Marketing operations streamline your tools to ensure everyone in the company benefits. 

Data-driven decision-making

A manager analyzes and interprets data to make informed decisions if your business uses data to create marketing strategies. You may struggle to make sense of your data, so invest in a marketing professional. These managers gather and analyze data from your sales, customer service, information technology (IT) and other departments.

Cross-department coordination

When marketing and sales teams are involved, a manager aligns, collaborates and ensures efficient workflow. If your marketing and sales department often reaches a crossroads, a manager reduces conflict and improves communication.

Performance optimization

A marketing operations manager's expertise proves invaluable for improving marketing efficiency, tracking ROI and using strategic campaigns.

Skills of a marketing operations manager

A successful marketing operations manager needs these skills:

Data analytics skills

These skills allow marketing ops managers to collect, analyze and interpret data. Experience with data analytics helps them make data-backed decisions, understand customer trends and adjust marketing strategies.

Knowledge of marketing automation tools

Knowledge of the latest marketing automation tools is essential to fulfilling all their job duties. These tools include:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Marketing analytics.

Strong project management skills

For marketing projects to succeed, marketing operations managers need a project management plan. This plan ensures they deliver projects within a budget and on time. These managers use their organizational, time management and communication skills to coordinate teams and departments.

Leadership and strategic thinking

Good managers lead by example. Managers with strong leadership qualities guide their teams toward achieving common goals. They work together and come up with new ideas. These managers plan long-term marketing strategies and adjust them as needed.

Understanding compliance and privacy regulations

Companies prefer managers with strong knowledge of compliance and data privacy laws, including GDPR and CCPA. This ensures the security of customer and business data.

Communication skills

The role demands excellent oral and written communication skills. Managers use these skills to work with teams, colleagues, stakeholders and outside partners. Good communication skills help them:

  • Develop plans
  • Share project progress
  • Gain valuable information to reach marketing goals

Adaptable and problem-solving abilities

Marketing strategies that worked well a few months ago may not work as well just a month later. This shows how the marketing industry is always changing. Companies prefer managers who are adaptable and can overcome every challenge.

What is the structural importance of a marketing operations team?

You cannot work alone in marketing. You need a marketing operations team to grow your business and provide a seamless customer experience.

Process efficiency

The team streamlines your business processes, ensuring you execute your campaigns and increase its reach.

Technology integration

Marketing operations teams integrate marketing technologies to enhance business productivity and performance.

Cross-functional collaboration

By ensuring collaboration between marketing, sales, and other departments, these managers ensure that your goals align with the company's objectives.

Performance measurement

The team tracks and analyzes these key performance metrics:

  • Assess the campaign's effectiveness
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Ensure continuous growth.

How marketing operations manager impact business performance

Marketing operations drive your strategy to success and ensure sales contribute to your business performance. Here’s how marketing operations brings a welcome change to your business:

Helps you develop an effective data strategy

Data is the king, queen and everything for your marketing efforts. Marketing operations provide data you can use to assess the effectiveness of your marketing tactics. Formulating a data strategy aids in attaining the targeted revenue objectives. You can make data-backed business decisions and improve your marketing campaign.

Automates processes to increase efficiency and save time

Marketing operations managers choose the best tools that align with their business needs. For example, they use tools for email marketing, marketing analytics and social media marketing. These tools remove manual day-to-day operations and streamline the business workflow. 

Marketing automation improves your customer experience. It connects your marketing efforts with customer interactions. Using platforms like Contentstack, you deliver personalized customer interactions and increase customer engagement. 

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Ensures a customer-oriented business approach

By analyzing data and insights, marketing operations can map the customer journey to create strategies that meet their needs. Data segmentation and targeting enable personalized marketing efforts that resonate with customers.

Marketing ops ensure that all marketing channels are consistent to create a smooth customer experience. 

Align campaigns to support the business

Marketing operations work by aligning campaign goals with business objectives. Data analytics ensures that you create personalized campaigns to meet business needs. The marketing operations manager:

  • Integrate your campaigns into your business strategy by collaborating with different departments.
  • Tracks campaign performance metrics to assess impact
  • Identifies areas for improvement
  • Optimizes strategies for better business support


What do marketing operations managers do?

A marketing operations manager supervises and optimizes business processes and technologies. It maintains the effectiveness of your marketing operations strategy. They enhance the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing campaign by:

  • Simplifying marketing approaches
  • Controlling marketing resources
  • Assessing performance data to enhance effectiveness and ROI.

What is the difference between an operation manager and a marketing manager?

The operation manager fine-tunes your internal operations, increasing your business efficiency. But, a marketing manager designs and executes strategies to promote products or services, interact with customers and increase sales.

What does a go-to-market operations manager do?

A go-to-market operations manager plans and executes strategies for launching new products or services. They work with various departments to achieve the desired marketing reach and sales impact.

What is marketing operations?

Marketing operations optimize your marketing processes, technology and strategies. They manage marketing resources, analyze performance data and install tools and practices to enhance marketing efforts.

Learn more

The role of a marketing operations manager drives modern marketing success. They help you make data-backed decisions, ensure business efficiency and increase customer experience. Experienced managers can take your business from ground zero to the highest level.

If you want to understand why every company needs a marketing operations manager, request a free demo.

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