Before implementing Contentstack, Weaveworks used WordPress to manage its web properties. However, the team found WordPress didn’t provide the flexibility Weaveworks needed in a highly dynamic and fast-moving startup environment. For example, while its WordPress setup allowed them to self-publish blog posts, it didn’t let them make simple image swaps or text edits. As a result, every time marketing needed to make a change – even one as minor as fixing a typo – the marketing department had to open a ticket with a third-party web agency. Relying on a third party proved to be an expensive and inefficient solution, with each request incurring incremental costs and subject to delays.

In response to these challenges, Weaveworks found themselves in a position where it avoided making changes to its website at times – clearly an unacceptable state. When exploring alternative CMS solutions, Weaveworks was drawn to Contentstack’s speed, nimbleness, and simplicity.

"Contentstack is a very intuitive platform that doesn’t require much time to ramp up on. New team members are productive within the hour."

– Sonja Schweigert, VP of Marketing, Weaveworks


Contentstack satisfied all of Weaveworks’ key CMS requirements in the following ways:

  1. Self-service: Contentstack's self-service platform allows Weaveworks to quickly create new pages and make changes to content without requiring a third-party resource.
  2. Easy onboarding: Weaveworks found Contentstack intuitive and easy to implement. Onboarding the entire team took less than two hours.
  3. Roles/documentation: Contentstack met Weaveworks’ business need to assign specific roles with different access controls to various team members, along with the ability to see audit logs that document what changes were made and by whom.
  4. Scalability: Contentstack’s architecture enabled a highly scalable solution with minimal infrastructure requirements.
  5. Security: Contentstack's decoupled architecture securely separates content management from delivery to help protect Weavework's network, ensuring content is safe.
  6. Process compatibility: Weaveworks was able to decouple marketing content from the website markup and still keeping all workflows for publishing technical documentation in Markdown intact.

"Creating and publishing brand new pages is a breeze! Contentstack saves me time and budget and lets my team operate independently."

– Sonja Schweigert, VP of Marketing, Weaveworks


Overall, Weaveworks has seen its publishing speed increase by more than 75%. As a result, this increase in speed has enabled Weaveworks to publish content up to 50% more frequently. Compared to WordPress, Weaveworks users say “we love the functionality and the flexibility that Contentstack provides.” Sonja Schweigert, VP of Marketing at Weaveworks attests: “It’s hassle-free every time. Our team can easily take some copy and launch a blog post in 10 minutes. They’re no longer a nasty to-do item on the list.”

Weaveworks highlights that this newfound efficiency has been beneficial when the marketing department needs to focus on an important and time-critical product launch. In particular, they appreciate the ability to stage and preview site changes when launching a new product, as they can work on content edits without having to publish the changes. The marketing department also loves Contentstack’s scheduling feature, which they’ve found particularly helpful on 5 am release days. Weaveworks is now able to operate independently, no longer having to rely on a costly web agency to fix typos. This freedom allows them the agility to expertly and quickly handle any changes or requests on short notice, a familiar dynamic in a startup environment.

In summary, Contentstack has enabled the Weaveworks marketing department to be more nimble, flexible, cost-efficient, and thrive in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

"Speed of publishing has increased by 75%, so we’re able to add content much more frequently. New blog entries are up in minutes."

– Sonja Schweigert, VP of Marketing, Weaveworks