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PhotoBox Streamlines Content Publishing with Contentstack’s Powerful APIs

PhotoBox manages a large, robust ecommerce site that hosts a consistently heavy flow of new content. The increased emphasis on future-proof solutions led PhotoBox to explore a new option to build and publish their content using Contentstack, an API-first headless CMS.


More features per sprint


Reduced page load time

300+ Hours

Of development time saved


Before Contentstack, PhotoBox managed content with an in-house, legacy CMS paired with an off-the-shelf solution. The result was an inefficient CMS that was difficult to use and error-prone. Simple tasks like “scheduling” didn’t always work. There was no convenient way for PhotoBox to bring content to new channels due to monolithic applications that made structural changes a long and arduous process.

PhotoBox needed a solution they could quickly implement by the holiday rush. The ideal solution involved moving part of the site to a framework that was easier to manage on the technical side, as well as on the content production and editing side.

They needed a CMS that enabled both technical and business teams to focus on their respective roles, code, and content. The new system needed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and feature a single platform that could deliver content to both mobile and web. It also needed to support the rich set of functionality maintained on its old CMS.

Our old CMS platforms were extremely frustrating. It took too much time to ship new products to the site. The in-house solution was unstable. The impact that poorly framed content could have on the site was immeasurable. We needed to have part of the site move to a framework that was far easier to manage from both a technical and content editing perspective.
Taher KhaliqDirector of Ecommerce PlatformsPhotoBox


PhotoBox experimented with various CMSes before choosing Contentstack. The headless CMS solution has a smooth UI that simplifies content publishing – the same content can be published to a website, an app or anything connected to the internet of things (IoT). The headless approach has practical implications for ecommerce businesses like PhotoBox, that need flexibility in a diverse and ever-changing digital world. Contentstack’s robust and capable of hosting complex features on the site and provides users with the right set of tools, so even team members with limited experience using a CMS can avoid making mistakes and breaking the code.

Contentstack supports PhotoBox’s business and technical goals in the following ways:

  1. The PhotoBox team compares the user experience and intuitive interface to Apple products, which enables business users to use the tool with no technical support.
  2. Because the CMS is headless, developers have the freedom to code in any language, helping to deploy code faster and enabling the team to work on more new features.
  3. Contentstack will scale and change with PhotoBox as their needs grow, and its engineering team becomes increasingly agile and forward-thinking.
Right now our focus is on our web and mobile platforms, but the fact that Contentstack is a headless CMS means that if we wanted to break into TV or even IoT, we can scale up quickly and easily to deliver to those channels. We don’t have to worry because we already have a solution that doesn't need to be retrofitted to work for new platforms.
Darren BeukesSoftware ArchitectPhotoBox


With minimal technical support and the CMS’s intuitive UI, the PhotoBox team created their POC in a matter of days. The migration has boost customer retention and reduced page load times by 50%. Content managers and developers shifted focus to deliver more content instead of fixing problems like “scheduling.”

Flexibility is key for an online retail business like PhotoBox. Contentstack’s API-first CMS gives PhotoBox the freedom to add in any platform or integrate any tools they need in order to serve their customers. With the time saved, the team has started prioritizing testing, metrics, UI/UX, design, content, and customer journeys instead. The move has also helped PhotoBox see an increase in agility, a key component in reaching its technical goal of continuous delivery (CD).

Some of our use cases are unique, you can’t just cut and paste solutions around them. Contentstack was easy to use and the team was open to discussing changes or workarounds to each of the challenges we encountered.
Taher KhaliqDirector of Ecommerce PlatformsPhotoBox
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PhotoBox is Europe’s leading personalised product printing company, offering a range of digital and print photo services to 30 million members across 19 countries.

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