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K2 Increases Website Creation Speed by 75% with a Headless Content Management Solution

Previously, K2 utilized a combination of homegrown CMS and Demandware to manage their websites. Due to many limitations in business and developer features, as well as the high level of costly technical and specialized skills required to manage the systems, K2 decided to migrate to Contentstack for a more business- and developer-friendly headless CMS.


Increase in
website creation speed


Faster to manage
and publish content


Boost in
overall productivity


Before Contentstack, K2 used a homegrown CMS and Demandware to manage eight websites across the organization. Aside from many of the functional challenges of utilizing separate CMSs, one of the gravest problems K2 experienced with the Demandware platform was the development requirements. Demandware is highly technical. Developers without specialized training often struggled to build and maintain the system. As a result, the development team spent a lot of time hacking the system to get it to work the way they needed–and the marketing team was utterly reliant on developers to make any content changes.

Additionally, when Salesforce acquired Demandware (renamed to SFCC), the increased costs became too expensive to justify the benefits. K2 determined they needed a more cost-effective, feature-rich, and developer and marketer-friendly CMS.

Contentstack is far superior to the competition. It is clearer to understand and has better documentation. While testing the competitors’ demos, we found that they were cumbersome to use.
Josh HarrisSr. Front-end EngineerK2 Sports


One drawback to Demandware was that it didn’t support local development. K2 had to work in externally staged sandboxes, which slowed development significantly. Contentstack’s multi-environment feature made building, structuring data, and managing content faster and more straightforward. Developers at K2 can readily build in staging–or any other environment they set up–before committing to production.

In Demandware, activities as simple as updating a link required developer support and half a day to complete. In Contentstack, it takes 10 minutes. Nicole Fugere, Director of Web Services, states, “Since migrating to Contentstack, updating content has gotten 90% faster; furthermore, it has allowed K2 to launch eight websites in less than six months.”

We are thrilled that we chose Contentstack! It’s done everything we wanted. It’s helped us increase publishing quality content to build our brand. Publishing happens in an instant without a developer’s help.
Nicole FugereDirector of Web ServicesK2 Sports


Contentstack’s headless CMS has far surpassed all of K2’s CMS and business requirements. K2 has successfully increased content publishing to match their brand needs and goals while alleviating development dependencies. Since moving to Contentstack, K2 can create sites 75% faster, publish content 90% more quickly, and has boosted productivity by 50%.
Contentstack is a versatile headless CMS. Onboarding was straightforward and quick. It was easy for the developers to set up and integrate applications with, and it was easy for the project managers and marketing people to use.
Josh HarrisSr. Front-end EngineerK2 Sports
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K2 is an American company known for its pioneering of skis and snowboards. Today, K2 Sports has an international portfolio of world-renowned outdoor sports brands recognized as leaders in innovation, marketing, and quality of products and services.

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