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Spring 2024 platform recap – ContentCon edition: What’s new and what’s coming for Contentstack

Personalization has been broken for so long due to the scale required to make it effective. Personalize is a new product that changes the game by enabling personalization at scale through the power of AI, seamlessly integrating into the content lifecycle. As a core part of our platform, our CMS is now even more powerful with Personalize, helping you tell the right stories to the right people at

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Composable DXP

Composable DXP: The key to effective digital transformation

A composable DXP breaks down monolithic systems into smaller, more flexible components. It does that with the help of APIs and microservices. That enables developers and digital marketers to work with any framework of choice, leading to more experimentation and faster development. Here is an example. Wavin saw the slow digital transformation in the construction sector as an opportunity. The

Everything you need to know about standalone and composable DXPs

Although standalone DXPS are monolithic and composable DXPs modular, they both have similar principles as DXPs. A DXP is a set of combined technologies that allows you to create and deliver digital experiences across multiple channels. Main components of a DXP Out of the box, here are essential components you can expect to find in a typical digital experience platform. Content m

Platform features, updates and roadmap

Discover content faster with our new search experience

At Contentstack, we understand that efficient content discovery is critical to keeping up with the demands of omnichannel delivery. Based on your feedback, we've reimagined our search capabilities in this new release. This upgrade brings a fresh look and feel to the search experience within our CMS, along with powerful new features designed to help you find content faster and more efficiently th

Keeping content organized and secure with Teams & Taxonomy

Teams delivers simplified team management and content ownership. Organizations can create any number of teams with configurable visibility and privacy settings. Granular role-based permissions are set at the team level, streamlining access control across large groups. Stacks and Roles can be efficiently assigned in bulk at the team level. As needs shift, members can be added or removed fluidly.

Simplifying front-end hosting with Contentstack Launch

One challenge everyone seems to be feeling today is the ever-widening array of frontend Javascript frameworks to choose from when planning the next project, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.  It’s often the case that some of the most popular frameworks are maintained by framework-specific hosting providers, which are great options particularly for developers looking for f

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