MACH Alliance

The composable enterprise

Contentstack is a founding member of the MACH Alliance, an independent non-profit organization that helps enterprises understand, select, and evolve with best-of-breed technologies — and finally leave expensive, slow “monoliths” behind.


MACH, explained

The MACH Mandate

MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless) is a set of principles behind future-proof best-of-breed software. Agile, nimble, always up-to-date technology that you can add, replace, and stack together for your evolving business and customer experience.



Individual functionalities that are independently developed and managed to create solutions that are lightweight and always evolving



All functionality is exposed via API, from the ground up, for efficient integration with your tools and technologies


Cloud-native SaaS

Software that’s always up-to-date and scales to fit your business needs. No more upgrades!



Front-end presentation is decoupled from back-end logic, which means nothing stands between your software and any channel that you want to use it in

Contentstack: MACH from the Ground Up



Natively built with modern development tools and frameworks, our highly flexible headless technology is agnostic to programming language, architecture, and framework. Designed to easily integrate, our technology is simple to add in and combine with your stack.


Built to innovate

We serve enterprises in every industry, and count among them happy developers and content editors. That’s because our platform is built to handle enterprise-scale content needs with user-first design. Plus, there’s above-and-beyond support for every business


Channel agnostic

Our solution is built to quickly power new customer touchpoints. Create content experiences on any channel - whether one you have now, like a website or app, or one you might use in the future, like a store display or a VR experience. Data, content, and logic can be shared across channels for a consistent experience.


API orchestration / Back end for the front end

An API gateway that coordinates the experience services. This is the logic layer that determines what information will be given to the user. Usually fully owned by the enterprise.


MACH experience technologies

Agile, flexible tools that focus on the external user experience. Loosely coupled, these tools pull in information and adapt their output to changing situations.


Business data and processes

Tools that focus on data and processes of the internal business. They prioritize consistency over agility and do not need to be as flexible as the experience technologies. How they integrate with and push information to MACH solutions is a way to differentiate the customer experience.


We help our customers go MACH

With our dual directives of superior technology and award-winning customer support, Contentstack helps many global enterprises make the move to best-of-breed agile technology.

Break the Replatform Cycle

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Catalysts for MACH

Part of the value of Contentstack’s Catalysts partner program is operationalizing MACH. We are aligning with the most complementary MACH-certified technologies and service providers to offer strategic integrations, guidance, and implementation services.

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Our industry-leading technical catalysts are the perfect complement to your MACH technology stack.


Our service provider catalysts support enterprises in going MACH as a matter of course, with years of experience accelerating digital projects.