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Lucidworks Search

Lucidworks Search is a widely used enterprise search platform.

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Lucidworks Search

Lucidworks Search is a widely used enterprise search platform.

Lucidworks Search Integration Overview

Using a Contentstack Custom Extension, you can integrate Lucidworks Search with Contentstack directly. You can create content for your app in Contentstack and let Lucidworks Search take care of all your app's search operations.

Contentstack and Lucidworks Search Integration Use Cases

Contentstack’s Lucidworks Search Experience Extension opens up many possibilities. Here are some real-world use cases:

Implement robust search mechanisms

The integration of Contentstack with Lucidworks Search enables you to implement robust search mechanisms for your apps powered by Contentstack. You can use Contentstack to create and manage content for your apps, and Lucidworks Search will help your customers get the desired search results quickly.

Optimize customer experience

Websites powered by Contentstack and Lucidworks Search deliver a high performing and accurate search experience to your customers. They can get the required content quickly and accurately, with smart auto-suggest capabilities. This improves overall customer satisfaction. When visitors can easily and quickly find the content, products, and services they need, it creates a smooth path to conversion.

Elevate your app's search capabilities

With Lucidworks Search's AI capabilities, you can upgrade your app's or website's search capabilities and help your customers find exactly what they are looking for. Lucidworks' customization allows you to control the way your customers discover content. Based on how you configure Lucidworks Fusion platform, you can create and manage content in Contentstack accordingly.


Technology Partner

Lucidworks Search is one of the most popular and widely used enterprise search platforms today. Many top organizations rely on Lucidworks Search for implementing search functionality in their mobile and web apps. With its powerful search capabilities, comprehensive indexing mechanism, simple yet intuitive interface, robust query analysis, and AI-powered natural language processing, Lucidworks Search offers a complete enterprise solution to serve all your search-related needs.

North America, Europe and Asia

San Francisco, California, United States

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