Headless commerce architecture

Headless commerce architecture is an approach where the front-end presentation layer and the back-end e-commerce functionality are decoupled. This architecture allows for greater flexibility and scalability by separating the user interface from the e-commerce engine. In a headless commerce architecture, the e-commerce engine serves as an API-driven back end, providing data and functionalities to multiple front-end touchpoints such as websites, mobile apps, or IoT devices.

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Headless Ecommerce Architecture Using Contentstack and commercetools

Headless Ecommerce Architecture Using Contentstack and commercetools

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Headless commerce is an e-commerce architecture where the front-end (head) is decoupled from the back-end commerce functionality and can thus be updated or edited without interfering with the back-end, similar to a headless content management system (CMS). The term was coined by Dirk Hoerig, co-founder of Commercetools, in 2013.


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