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The April Memo

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March came in like a lion and out like the perfect time to think through content strategies for the seasons ahead. Just as the Spring sun coaxes hidden seeds into a riot of life and color, our industry-first fully automated, composable digital experience platform (DXP) awakens dormant potentials within businesses. Dreams of omnichannel, personalized and localized digital experiences that once lay buried deep beneath the permafrost of legacy tech can now burst forth, vibrant and eager to grow. With Contentstack, every enterprise can blossom, transforming their digital landscape into a rich, thriving ecosystem that is not just surviving but flourishing through full-stack automation, practical AI and unprecedented customer support

It’s the season of the fully automated composable DXP and monolithic solutions are left pushing daisies. So, how’s your ecosystem looking?

Better collaboration + better teamwork

We are a distributed, global company that deeply cares about how our own teams are collaborating to accomplish our shared goals. Even more so, we’re committed to providing the tools our customers need to experience better collaboration and more seamless teamwork to experience unprecedented success. On the technical side of things, our solutions for this are Teams and Taxonomy, which can drastically change how you can manage roles, permissions and content, streamlining processes for unparalleled efficiency and coherence.

Teams simplifies managing roles and permissions by organizing your users into groups. Instead of assigning roles individually or at the stack level, you can directly assign roles to a team to ensure that all team members share the same set of role permissions. 

Taxonomy brings a range of versatile options for classifying, organizing and managing content tailored to your specific needs. This feature has been meticulously crafted to enhance the categorization and management of entries, ensuring a smooth and effective content organization journey. 

The Composable DXP you can trust

Our innovative products and ever-expanding services are, truly, changing enterprises from the inside out. And a time when every penny counts, industry leaders of all kinds are taking notice. In April, we’re showing some Spring-time love to our Tech Industry customers who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with our next-generation tech.

A leading information technology and data analysis services provider left behind its legacy CMS for the greener pastures of Contentstack and now experiences a 500% faster development process at ⅕ of the cost. Of course, the beauty of Contentstack is our relationships – both with people like yourself and our partners. We worked hand-in-hand with a host of integration and technology partners to ensure implementation and operational success. What good is a product without the right people behind it to support you? 

Inspiration overload

Looking for inspiration? Get a heavy dose at ContentCon 2024, where the brightest minds and industry-leading brands converge to share groundbreaking insights and transformative strategies. With a stellar lineup featuring keynote speakers like Erica Dhawan and Katie Johnson, alongside visionary leaders from powerhouse brands such as Reckitt, ASICS Digital and Air France KLM, this event promises an unparalleled opportunity to explore the frontiers of teamwork, innovation and digital excellence. Don't miss out on this chance to connect with the disruptors and innovators shaping the future of brand experiences.

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About Contentstack

The Contentstack team comprises highly skilled professionals specializing in product marketing, customer acquisition and retention, and digital marketing strategy. With extensive experience holding senior positions in notable technology companies across various sectors, they bring diverse backgrounds and deep industry knowledge to deliver impactful solutions.  

Contentstack stands out in the composable DXP and Headless CMS markets with an impressive track record of 87 G2 user awards, 6 analyst recognitions, and 3 industry accolades, showcasing its robust market presence and user satisfaction.

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