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May 14, 2024

The May Memo

Get ready to fuel your passion for innovation and technology because ContentCon is just around the corner. Our annual conference takes place in the heart of Austin, TX, and this year's edition is set to be an unforgettable experience. With summer rolling in, bringing longer days and opportunities for relaxation and family time, ContentCon promises to be the perfect kick-start for forward-thinkers and digital leaders.  ContentCon spotlight Prepare to be inspired by our lineup of incredible keynote speakers. We know, every marketing conference says that, but we actually mean it — our lineup is the perfect mix of technical know-how and strategic leadership. Erica Dhawan will take the stage to share her insights on the power of connectional intelligence, teaching us how to foster agility, innovation and breakthrough ideas. Contentstack CEO Neha Sampat will give an enlightening welcome address, offering a glimpse into Contentstack's groundbreaking vision. Sameen Gul will reveal how Reckitt has revolutionized its digital strategy with composable transformations, and Conor Egan will unveil the latest innovations within the Contentstack ecosystem. From exclusive workshops to insightful keynotes and unparalleled networking opportunities, ContentCon is where marketing, technology, and the C-suite converge. There is still time to register. We'd love to see you there! Automate is making waves As we look forward to summer (can it hurry up and get here already?!), it's time to start thinking about balancing work with precious leisure and family time moments. Enter Contentstack's Automate — the solution that ensures your marketing doesn't skip a beat, even while you're soaking up the sun.  How do our customers use Automate? Brad's Deals embarked on an exciting venture to revolutionize their content strategy, leveraging Contentstack Automate to do more with less and thrive across their customer and affiliate partner journeys. This bold move empowered them to significantly reduce manual labor while enhancing accuracy and efficiency across key operations, such as product information retrieval, link generation and image captioning.  Brad's Deals unlocked a more holistic view of content, which liberated developers to enhance features and enabled editors to craft richer customer experiences. The automation capabilities of Contentstack were pivotal, simplifying tasks and fostering a quicker, more enriched content publication process. This innovation brought about considerable savings in time and costs, alongside elevating content quality and data source integrity. With plans to further explore Contentstack's potential by adding community components and predictive functionalities, Brad's Deals is set to redefine the customer experience landscape, demonstrating its leadership and forward-thinking ethos in the industry. Wrap up This May, as we gear up for an exciting summer, remember that innovation and efficiency are your keys to success. Whether it's attending ContentCon to connect with industry leaders or leveraging Contentstack's Automate to keep your marketing efforts flowing seamlessly, the future is bright for those who dare to lead.

May 07, 2024

Digital disruption reshapes travel customer journeys

As online touchpoints continue to shape and reshape travel booking journeys, satisfying digital-first customer expectations becomes pivotal to success — yet, doing so can be an intensely complex process. Today's travel and tourism landscape demands the ability to protect personal data while having the creative freedom to respond swiftly to next-gen innovations that captivate experience-seekers (and their dollars).  As a result, travel providers increasingly embrace Headless CMS platforms that blend robust security guardrails with creative capabilities. This empowers teams to nimbly deliver both trust and innovation simultaneously. By the numbers In 2023, flight bookings regained 95% of their pre-pandemic transaction volume as travelers relied increasingly on online channels. TravelPerk Research shows that 53% valued ease of price comparison, while 47% favored the speed of digital booking. According to a Statista Consumer Insights report, 72% of travelers preferred booking online, with 40-48% leveraging mobile devices for research, pricing and reservations. This demonstrates the necessity of investing in seamless digital experiences.  Now more than ever, travel brands have an immense opportunity to deliver engaging experiences at scale with tools like Contentstack.  How headless technology positions travel for growth Contentstack’s Headless CMS simplifies the spinning up of travel sites and apps with the flexibility to reach travelers across any channel. Blending extensible infrastructure with fluid composability, Contentstack branches globally with solid consistency. Its modular components scale experiences and the API-first and cloud-native construction future-proofs growth. As the leading Headless CMS purpose-built for industries like travel and tourism, Contentstack checks all the boxes required by modern brands seeking to delight and keep customers engaged. The cloud-native SaaS platform can easily ingest real-time third-party data, analyze rich insights and orchestrate intelligent experiences with cross-channel continuity. Developers gain granular control and security guardrails to balance content compliance without compromising creative capabilities. Pre-built integrations accelerate time-to-value while experienced Technical Solutions support smooth adoption. With certified developers and partners as an accelerator, Contentstack fosters a collaborative ecosystem — empowering teams to craft more memorable customer journeys. Whether tackling high traffic volumes, personalization complexity or global expansion, Contentstack equalizes both sides of the IT balance sheet — blending governance guardrails with creative freedoms to fulfill digital ambitions faster. Connecting content, commerce, and community in harmonious alignment, the platform accelerates the innovation that travel brands demand to sustain competitive advantages confidently. Why Contentstack for travel and tourism Contentstack helps travel brands gain a vital edge to craft differentiated journeys, unlock innovation and sustain relevance amidst a noisy, crowded market. Contentstack simplifies delivering consistent omnichannel experiences meeting travelers anywhere and empowers captivating travel campaigns that capture attention and convert. Contentstack provides unique features for travel, such as: A scalable infrastructure to handle surges in traffic A simple installation and localization process for extending coverage A quick time-to-market storefront with intuitive user interfaces A seamless integration with third-party booking engines Industry-leading customer care programs using capabilities for additional value Our Headless CMS delivers unmatched flexibility, best-of-breed integrations and extensions. The Contentstack Way provides dedicated teams and unrivaled support for frictionless adoption. With Contentstack, travel brands deliver personalized, automated content across devices with: Flexible modeling to organize content Workflow automation for efficiency Localization for global reach Responsive previews for accuracy Benefits of Contentstack Contentstack allows for the creation of unique travel experiences with a cloud infrastructure that handles traffic spikes without disruption. Moreover, headless flexibility enables adding/swapping modules while preserving continuity. Unified customer data powers personalization across channels and localization workflows streamline translation. In addition, intuitive UIs empower non-technical users to contribute value. API-first microservices rapidly incorporate third parties, accelerating innovation velocity. Key benefits of using Contentstack include: Enhanced personalization: Boost loyalty and bookings with tailored journeys catering to specific interests. Agile adaptability: Rapidly incorporate the latest trends and expand reach with easy integration of tools for localization and emerging technologies. Maximized cost-efficiency: Optimize budgets by integrating only necessary tools aligned to business needs. Scalability: Ensure infrastructure remains flexible to enable growth. Innovation: Gather data-driven insights to inform decisions and improve workforce efficiency. Underscoring these pillars, 63% of modern travelers see technology as essential for managing risks amidst the pandemic rebound. And 98% of travel executives expect AI will reshape experiences within five years – making continuous innovation indispensable. Travel and tourism use cases When major travel brands reached inflection points in their digital modernization journeys, Contentstack provided a springboard to outpace legacy limitations. Seeking more publishing agility, leading airline Icelandair migrated to Contentstack. This resolved long-standing workflow frustrations, cutting update times by 90%, accelerating translations 70% faster and reducing tedious backlogs by 82%. With dramatically streamlined operations, Icelandair finally has the efficiency to craft travel experiences that foster loyalty. Similarly, luxury golf vacation specialist Golfbreaks faced complexity in elevating its ambitious rebranding and site relaunch across Europe. By leveraging Contentstack's cloud infrastructure, it launched overseas 90% quicker than its rigid old CMS. Now, edits happen in minutes without developer assistance. Golfbreaks credits its customer-centric innovation and growth to Contentstack's flexibility. As an API-first, cloud-native Headless CMS, Contentstack empowers travel brands to unlock agility, scale and enhanced CX — increasing customer satisfaction, trust and lifetime value. Deliver standout travel experiences with Contentstack Picture this: the digital travel world is ballooning at almost 13% each year and is expected to reach nearly $1.6 trillion globally by 2030. Brands delivering top-notch experiences are in for quite the ride. As the pioneering Headless CMS and MACH founding member, Contentstack's value lies in providing travel brands the tools to gain a competitive edge and the ability to create digital engagement that builds consumer trust and captures wallet share by solving problems with remarkable travel-focused journeys. Will your brand lead the digital experience revolution in travel with Contentstack?  Learn more about the Contentstack Headless CMS or schedule a demo to see it in action.

Apr 16, 2024

The April Memo

March came in like a lion and out like the perfect time to think through content strategies for the seasons ahead. Just as the Spring sun coaxes hidden seeds into a riot of life and color, our industry-first fully automated, composable digital experience platform (DXP) awakens dormant potentials within businesses. Dreams of omnichannel, personalized and localized digital experiences that once lay buried deep beneath the permafrost of legacy tech can now burst forth, vibrant and eager to grow. With Contentstack, every enterprise can blossom, transforming their digital landscape into a rich, thriving ecosystem that is not just surviving but flourishing through full-stack automation, practical AI and unprecedented customer support.  It’s the season of the fully automated composable DXP and monolithic solutions are left pushing daisies. So, how’s your ecosystem looking? Better collaboration + better teamwork We are a distributed, global company that deeply cares about how our own teams are collaborating to accomplish our shared goals. Even more so, we’re committed to providing the tools our customers need to experience better collaboration and more seamless teamwork to experience unprecedented success. On the technical side of things, our solutions for this are Teams and Taxonomy, which can drastically change how you can manage roles, permissions and content, streamlining processes for unparalleled efficiency and coherence. Teams simplifies managing roles and permissions by organizing your users into groups. Instead of assigning roles individually or at the stack level, you can directly assign roles to a team to ensure that all team members share the same set of role permissions.  Taxonomy brings a range of versatile options for classifying, organizing and managing content tailored to your specific needs. This feature has been meticulously crafted to enhance the categorization and management of entries, ensuring a smooth and effective content organization journey.  The Composable DXP you can trust Our innovative products and ever-expanding services are, truly, changing enterprises from the inside out. And a time when every penny counts, industry leaders of all kinds are taking notice. In April, we’re showing some Spring-time love to our Tech Industry customers who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with our next-generation tech. A leading information technology and data analysis services provider left behind its legacy CMS for the greener pastures of Contentstack and now experiences a 500% faster development process at ⅕ of the cost. Of course, the beauty of Contentstack is our relationships – both with people like yourself and our partners. We worked hand-in-hand with a host of integration and technology partners to ensure implementation and operational success. What good is a product without the right people behind it to support you?  Inspiration overload Looking for inspiration? Get a heavy dose at ContentCon 2024, where the brightest minds and industry-leading brands converge to share groundbreaking insights and transformative strategies. With a stellar lineup featuring keynote speakers like Erica Dhawan and Katie Johnson, alongside visionary leaders from powerhouse brands such as Reckitt, ASICS Digital and Air France KLM, this event promises an unparalleled opportunity to explore the frontiers of teamwork, innovation and digital excellence. Don't miss out on this chance to connect with the disruptors and innovators shaping the future of brand experiences. Ready to see more? Take a test drive Start building today

Mar 13, 2024

5 reasons to attend ContentCon

At Contentstack, we’re quickly approaching our most wonderful time of the year. We’re not talking about the holidays — we are laser-focused on ContentCon 2024. ContentCon is our annual conference for our customers and extended Contentstack community. In past years, this event has brought together brands like yours, tens of sponsors and memorable keynotes from speakers we’re all still talking about today. This year’s event will be even more action-packed and we hope you’ll join us so we can all say “Remember when.”  In case you need convincing, we’ve outlined five reasons to attend.  9 customer keynotes from top brands  When it comes to best-in-class experiences, there are those brands and digital leaders that set the bar high and inspire the rest. We’ll have them in spades. ContentCon attendees will get to hear keynotes from Erica Dhawan, author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Digital Body Language, and Sameen Gul, the Global Market Director for Reckitt, alongside many others.  Workshops by customers, for customers Whether you’re at the start of your composable journey or you’re already a Contentstack power-user, you’ll get to participate in workshops, hear live case studies and learn best practices from digital leaders like you. Participation in customer workshops will provide you with exclusive knowledge on how to accelerate the people, processes and technology of your composable enterprise. 5 in-depth Contentstack product sessions With product sessions geared towards both business and technical users, you can fully personalize your ContentCon experience. You’ll first hear from Conor Egan, VP of Product at Contentstack, who will cover the advancements in the composable DXP landscape and unveil our new cutting-edge features. The workshops that follow will teach you how to make the most of our platform features and showcase our latest product release that you don’t want to miss. Here are a few sessions to get you excited: Using Contentstack’s AI tools and Automation Hub Building apps on Contentstack Marketplace Making the most of our platform’s products and features Learning about our latest product release 2 full days of networking with Contentstack executives and industry leaders Networking with industry leaders like yourself allows for answers on the spot and learning from those you’re inspired by—and who you might inspire, too! ContentCon attendees regularly share that their most valuable takeaway is having the opportunity to meet fellow peers and share innovative knowledge. Along with customer stories and exclusive workshops, you’ll get to take part in a dedicated session of networking, learning and storytelling with one another. Enjoy the city of Austin Austin is well-known for its welcoming atmosphere and “Keep Austin Weird'' motto that reflects the city’s appreciation for creativity and originality. During your two days of awe-inspiring stories and workshops, be sure to enjoy outdoor activities in Austin’s beautiful parks and lakes and explore the city's local museums and landmarks to indulge in its rich culture. While downtown, experience Austin’s charming boutiques, famous barbeque and flourishing arts scene. The city’s unique blend of live music, outdoor entertainment, cultural attractions and delicious food offers an unforgettable experience for everyone on your team. Get your early bird tickets to ContentCon 2024 here!

Mar 12, 2024

The March Memo

It's March Madness in the US, which means stats are flying around and bets are being placed. Well, here's a stat to bet on, according to Gartner, “By 2026, at least 70% of organizations will be mandated to acquire composable digital experience platform technology, as opposed to monolithic suites, compared to 50% in 2023.” This forecast backs up what we’ve been preaching at Contentstack for years. It’s not just a product narrative we tell, it’s a mandate we live out each quarter: How can we best help our customers (and our future customers) position themselves for success in the near and far future?  Continuing to improve on and deliver innovative composable solutions, like our industry-leading Composable DXP powered by the #1 Headless CMS on the market, is what we are laser-focused on this year. And, as MACH Madness (see what we did there?) sweeps across the country, we are proudly putting our thought leaders at the forefront of the composable movement.  MACH Madness On March 7th, our very own Jasmin Guthmann, Head of Corporate Communications, joined a webinar panel dedicated to helping your company get “MACH ready”. Just because we believe a composable architecture is a clear choice for future-proofing your business, we know helping you get there is just as important. Jasmin will be sharing strategies for how to make a seamless and successful transition to composable, as well as tips on how to get buy-in from your digital leaders.  For those businesses a little further along on your journey towards building out their composable stack, we’re looking out for you, too. Christine Masters, Senior Product Manager and one of our resident AI experts here at Contentstack, is taking part in a CMSWire webinar that will help you learn how a composable architecture enables faster, more effective personalized digital experiences as well as shed light on the untapped possibilities of generative AI in the digital landscape. More to note Will we see you in Las Vegas? March Madness (the official version) kicks off the week following Shoptalk 2024. So, once you’ve placed your future bets on the NCAA title winners, join us in the Sphere on March 18th for a truly unique experience hosted by Contentstack, commercetools and Orium. Bites and drinks, followed by a private screening on the Sphere’s 18K screen — what a perfect way to top off your Shoptalk experience this year.  And lastly, we’ll leave you with another helpful piece of content. One of our Solutions Engineers found himself having similar conversations with leaders across all types of companies. They were all looking for tips on how to choose the right composable technology providers as they built out their composable architecture. It led him to write this piece, How to select a composable platform. It’s a no-frills, honest guide to making the wisest choice possible for your company when it comes to the ever-growing market of composable software. We hope it can help you on your path towards composability!  Stay tuned for next month’s Memo from our team and remember, we are here to help guide you on your composable journey. Good luck in the bracket! Ready to see more? Take a test drive Start building today

Feb 14, 2024

The February Memo

February at Contentstack As we reflect on the evolution of Contentstack and where we are today, the thing that sets us apart remains the same — our commitment to our customers. In the early days of Contentstack, we made it a top priority to understand the unique needs of each customer who trusted us with their Headless CMS needs. Fast forward to today, where we have become a global company, with a visionary approach to a Composable Digital Experience Platform, serving industry-leading customers worldwide, and that same commitment to personalized attention remains at the core of every interaction we have with our ever-growing community.  Seeing as it’s February and we’re all in the spirit of love and appreciation, we are so proud to let you know that our team has achieved an impressive customer retention rate of nearly 97% this year. How did we accomplish this? Our Customer Care program is head and shoulders above the competition. We've designed the program to provide comprehensive expertise and support from day one. Each customer gets dedicated account and success managers, as well as the guidance of our world-class Technical Solutions Organization, ensuring our customers receive the utmost care and assistance every step of the way. These aren't just empty words on a page; this is our promise to our customers. To that end, we are excited to announce the launch of the Contentstack Developer Hub, which we believe represents a significant leap forward in our customers' ability to empower developers on their composable journey with the tools they need to stand out in the market. Our new pioneering Developer Hub is thoughtfully designed to unleash your application development potential. What we’re excited about  In our various roles on the Contentstack Product Team, we have the honor of interacting with and getting to know leaders at all levels of business. Those experiences have made one thing crystal clear — it's not just incredible technology that drives monumental change within businesses; it's the exceptional people who utilize the game-changing tech in extraordinary ways. For instance, at Topgolf Callaway Brands, Earth Reiser, the Director of Strategy and Innovation, transformed their technology and business model from the inside out with the help of Contentstack and composable tech.  If interested, please take a listen to this episode of People Changing Enterprises to discover how Earth Resier leveraged Contentstack to bridge the gap between business and technology as she built out a robust composable strategy. There's one last thing. Please mark your calendars for ContentCon 2024 in Austin, TX, June 5-6, 2024. If you were able to attend last year or the year before, you know how transformative of an event ContentCon is — a time to come together, have a little fun, and, most importantly, learn from one another how to leverage composable technology best to get the edge on your competitors.