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Revolutionizing financial services: The power of composable digital experiences

The Contentstack TeamFeb 23, 20245 min read

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The digital disruption in the financial services industry has seen yet another significant player. The Composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) has the potential to transform the industry from its core. In a field where every number and decimal point matters and data security are paramount, digital transformation is not just about technology, it’s about innovation, increased efficiency, and a digital transformation that's not just about upgrading systems, but about modernizing them to keep up with what the future of the industry holds — all while maintaining strict compliance. 

The stakes in the financial industry are high. Customer loyalty and operational superiority are top priorities, from large investment firms to local credit unions. But how can these institutions withstand the digital transformation and use it to their advantage?

Composable DXP's role in the financial sector

As the financial services industry grows and evolves, it's crucial that organizations stay ahead of the curve. Catering to a customer base that demands timely, secure and personalized experiences requires a robust DXP. That is exactly where Contentstack's Composable DXP comes into play, providing innovative solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of the financial services industry.

The Contentstack Composable DXP is perfectly suited for financial services businesses that aim to create a versatile, scalable and unique tech stack that caters to their diverse customer base. For the finance sector, a composable DXP paves the way for a comprehensive user experience, where personal finance can become truly individual.

Identifying The Needs

Before diving into Contentstack’s offering, let's dissect the fundamental needs and pain points of financial services:

  • Superior customer experiences: Customers demand seamless 360-degree experiences across all digital channels. 
  • Data security: Handling sensitive financial data requires strict security measures.
  • Regulatory compliance: Financial institutions must adhere to stringent regulatory frameworks.
  • Scalability: As businesses grow, their digital infrastructure and financial technology innovation capabilities should scale accordingly.

Meeting the needs

Contentstack’s Composable DXP is uniquely designed to deliver against these needs:

  • Enhanced customer engagement in finance: Contentstack’s platform powers the design of adaptive, personalized digital experiences for each customer journey, reducing friction and enhancing overall engagement.
  • Robust security measures: With advanced security frameworks in place, Contentstack ensures that sensitive customer data is always protected.
  • Compliance assurance: By centralizing data from multiple sources, Contentstack aids in compliance with various regulatory standards, helping financial institutions avoid legal and operational complications.
  • Effortless scalability: No matter the pace of your growth, Contentstack’s scalable architecture ensures that your digital experience keeps up and enables your organization to stay ahead of the competition.

The impact on customer experience

Personalization is the key to keeping the business of your loyal customers and a Composable DXP is the answer to scaleable personalization, higher customer lifetime value and satisfaction. Take Morningstar, for instance. The investment research and management firm achieved a 47% increase in developer productivity after integrating a DXP. But what proved their return on their investment in digital experience was the 5x reduction in the time to publish new content.

For the customer or everyday investor, this translates into relevant, up-to-the-minute advice and analysis that isn't just financially literate but human-savvy. In other words, customer engagement in finance goes beyond ROI. It's an emotional transaction, and a Composable DXP is the industry's answer to that reality.

Experience future-ready DXP with Contentstack. Contentstack, identified by Forrester's composable DXP award, is an industry leader for enterprises wanting to future-proof their digital strategy. Our high scores in vision and innovation speak for themselves. Request a demo to explore our best-in-class features.

Case studies: Transforming financial institutions

Harbor Capital Advisors shored up their investor services by offering immediate updates to their web content, keeping investors informed without missing a beat. 


  • 75% faster to publish content
  • 75% reduction in developer time
  • 75% increase in published content

And MoneyHero Group? They re-engineered the Hong Kong finance market by becoming the most accessible, most informed financial comparison site, with a Composable DXP as their engine for reengineering their digital experiences. 


  • 20 Stacks down from 97 in 12 months
  • 85% Decrease in time to new product rollout
  • 90%+ Web pages meeting and exceeding core web vitals targets

Innovation and compliance in sync

The financial services industry has a reputation for innovation and today’s consumer has many options when it comes to choosing who handles their money — securely and without hassle.

The industry need

Regulatory compliance in finance: Financial services companies seek composable solutions that prioritize compliance adherence and robust security measures to ensure data integrity, privacy, and compliance with industry-specific regulations. 

The Contentstack solution

Connected ecosystem: Contentstack’s ecosystem of applications, solution partners and extensions offers financial companies the flexibility to integrate with existing networks, as well as new tools to deliver compliant, trusted digital experiences. 

Operational efficiency and revenue growth

Operational efficiency in finance isn't just about saving a penny. It's about the safeguarding of a business’s assets. A Composable DXP streamlines operations and enhances agility, both of which are crucial in the world of finance. 

The MoneyHero Group paints a vivid picture. It not only decreased its new product rollout time by 85% but also drastically slimmed down its overall amount of stacks in just twelve months. The revenue growth that can follow such an operational overhaul isn't just a flash in the pan, it’s an early example of how financial institutions will continue to evolve in order to better support their service offerings. 

Future trends: What's next for financial services

The financial industry is in the midst of a significant digital transformation, and the Contentstack Composable DXP is helping industry leaders pave the way. This transformation goes beyond merely adopting composable platforms like Contentstack; it involves reorienting the financial service ethos towards customer-centricity, operational excellence and innovation.

Realign your strategy with the future of finance. Optimize your services with a Composable DXP to prepare for what the future of financial services will require to stay ahead. 

Ready to see our Composable DXP in action? Request a demo today.

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