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The March Memo

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It's March Madness in the US, which means stats are flying around and bets are being placed. Well, here's a stat to bet on, according to Gartner, “By 2026, at least 70% of organizations will be mandated to acquire composable digital experience platform technology, as opposed to monolithic suites, compared to 50% in 2023.” This forecast backs up what we’ve been preaching at Contentstack for years. It’s not just a product narrative we tell, it’s a mandate we live out each quarter: How can we best help our customers (and our future customers) position themselves for success in the near and far future? 

Continuing to improve on and deliver innovative composable solutions, like our industry-leading Composable DXP powered by the #1 Headless CMS on the market, is what we are laser-focused on this year. And, as MACH Madness (see what we did there?) sweeps across the country, we are proudly putting our thought leaders at the forefront of the composable movement. 

MACH Madness

On March 7th, our very own Jasmin Guthmann, Head of Corporate Communications, joined a webinar panel dedicated to helping your company get “MACH ready”. Just because we believe a composable architecture is a clear choice for future-proofing your business, we know helping you get there is just as important. Jasmin will be sharing strategies for how to make a seamless and successful transition to composable, as well as tips on how to get buy-in from your digital leaders. 

For those businesses a little further along on your journey towards building out their composable stack, we’re looking out for you, too. Christine Masters, Senior Product Manager and one of our resident AI experts here at Contentstack, is taking part in a CMSWire webinar that will help you learn how a composable architecture enables faster, more effective personalized digital experiences as well as shed light on the untapped possibilities of generative AI in the digital landscape.

More to note

Will we see you in Las Vegas? March Madness (the official version) kicks off the week following Shoptalk 2024. So, once you’ve placed your future bets on the NCAA title winners, join us in the Sphere on March 18th for a truly unique experience hosted by Contentstack, commercetools and Orium. Bites and drinks, followed by a private screening on the Sphere’s 18K screen — what a perfect way to top off your Shoptalk experience this year. 

And lastly, we’ll leave you with another helpful piece of content. One of our Solutions Engineers found himself having similar conversations with leaders across all types of companies. They were all looking for tips on how to choose the right composable technology providers as they built out their composable architecture. It led him to write this piece, How to select a composable platform. It’s a no-frills, honest guide to making the wisest choice possible for your company when it comes to the ever-growing market of composable software. We hope it can help you on your path towards composability! 

Stay tuned for next month’s Memo from our team and remember, we are here to help guide you on your composable journey. Good luck in the bracket!

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