Integrate and simplify with
clicks, not code

Streamline development with no-code business logic and the ability to manage your integration solutions in one place. Built-in OAuth support ensures the highest security standards. Prebuilt recipes make it easy to integrate apps and tools at scale.



Automation maturity that evolves with you

Integrate faster

Quickly create integrations with a visual editor and pre-packaged recipes

Eliminate middleware

Centralize integration management to cut costs and reduce complexity

Streamline operations

Automated end-to-end content lifecycle, integration and operations management


More than just a workflow tool

Speed up content delivery, integration and operations lifecycles with advanced automation

Visual workflow builder

Create and manage complex automations with a user-friendly, low/no-code interface. Empower teams to easily set up automations with event-triggered actions and custom logic to streamline operations without the need for costly technical expertise.

Visual builder.webp

Integrated CMS context

Automate is deeply integrated with the Contentstack CMS, accessing a rich dataset including publication dates, author tags, and custom fields for creating advanced automations related to content scheduling, personalized experiences, and more.

Integrated CMS.webp

Developer-centric tools

Automate equips developers with advanced tools for creating sophisticated workflows, including custom code and robust security settings. Detailed access controls, thorough auditing capabilities, and SSO support complex automations and integrations.


Connectors for Contentstack Automate

Leverage a variety of available Automate connectors to integrate seamlessly with popular third-party tools in eCommerce, DAM, and AI. Exclusive Contentstack connectors, such as Launch, enable automated front-end hosting and event-based automations.


Automation recipes

Easily deploy simple yet effective automations that can be customized to meet your needs. Install ready-to-use automation recipes from the Contentstack Marketplace, equipped with predefined workflow triggers, third-party connectors, and action steps.

Automation recipes.webp

Who it’s for

An Edge for everyone

Create more, deploy faster and out-maneuver the competition

Developers and IT

Welcome to a modern composable solution powered by APIs, AI and automation smarts that put you in charge. Now you can move ahead scaling across channels, regions, clouds and more.

  • Completely customizable, totally simple
  • Create and host experiences 2-10x faster
  • Scale and modernize workflows
  • Build the tech stack you need
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Business users

Now you’re empowered to move at the speed of your imagination. Respond to evolving customer expectations and stand out with modern digital experiences that allow you to capitalize on what’s next.

  • Unmatched flexibility & agility
  • Create more experiences, faster
  • Reach more of your audience, more of the time
  • Reimagine customer experience
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