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Swiftype is a responsive, flexible, and cloud-based search solution.

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Swiftype is a responsive, flexible, and cloud-based search solution.

The flexible architecture of Contentstack makes it possible to integrate any third-party application. And with Swiftype, Contentstack integrates seamlessly. The combined powers of Contentstack and Swiftype can offer you the best search integration solution possible. If your website is powered by Contentstack, adding a Swiftype search to your website is simple.

Contentstack and Swiftype Integration Use Cases

Deliver Highly Relevant Search Results, Fast

Contentstack along with Swiftype can greatly improve search responses. Swiftype allows you to index content (including files), customize the results, manage rankings within results, and filter by content by type. This enhances the speed at which search responses are provided.

Perform Advanced Analytics Based on Search

Contentstack and Swiftype enable you to understand how your search performs. To improve the performance over time, Swiftype offers analytics that show statistics on popular searches, queries with no results, popular results, click tracking, result rankings, and more.

Customer Satisfaction

Websites powered by Contentstack and Swiftype deliver a high-performing and accurate search experience that can immensely improve customer satisfaction. When visitors can easily and quickly find the content, products, and services they need it creates a smooth path to conversion.


Technology Partner

Swiftype is a responsive, flexible, and cloud-based search solution provided by Elastic. This popular search tool is used extensively by enterprise companies to improve the search experience across their websites and applications. With the remarkable functionality of Swiftype, you can ensure that your users can find valuable and relevant content. The advanced search algorithms of Swiftype are meticulously designed to deliver customized and effective search results instantly. The flexible architecture of Swiftype allows you to display your preferred content on the top when a search is performed. Consequently, you can adjust your page rankings and the search order results based criteria such as click performance and search topics.

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