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Our pioneering headless CMS empowers creative professionals and modern developers to deliver composable digital experiences at uncompromising scale and dependability.


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Our platform is rock solid and secure. Multi-cloud capable with up to 99.99% availability, SOC-2 Type 2 & ISO 27001 certified, we are architected for the most demanding customer conditions.


Flexibility & agility like never before

Unlock the true potential of your content. Create digital experiences 2-10x faster and manage content more easily with highly-structured modular content designed to maximize content reuse across your composable stack.


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Make it unique to your business needs. From simple add-on capabilities like DAM functionality to more robust solutions for personalization or commerce, we've got you covered.


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Maximize technology choice and control right at your fingertips. Tap into our best-in-class vendor ecosystem and compose the tech stack of your dreams to drive your business forward.

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Modular Blocks

Dynamically create and modify components on a page or app instantly with drag-and-drop ease, eliminating developer dependencies and long wait times to create rich pages.

Live Preview

Easily preview content changes across multiple channels before saving or publishing to a live website. Edit an entry and instantly preview the changes side-by-side in real time.


Streamline the flow of content from one stage to the next, accelerating the pace of content creation, review cycles, approvals and publication.


Enhance content organization and enable users to handle vast and complex data structures with control and ease, tailored to your specific needs.


Easily create and publish entries in over 200 languages. With Contentstack, you can seamlessly meet the content needs of your global audience.

Contentstack AI Assistant

Instantly transform and augment your content creation experience with our new ChatGPT integration.


Publish more content in half the time with our flexible batch release process.

Comments & Discussions

Improve collaboration across your team, whether they are together in the same room or spread across the globe, with in-line commenting, annotations and discussions.


Create independent workspaces of your content repository and allow team members to work on different content models simultaneously, without disrupting existing content efforts in production.


Streamline team management and simplify content ownership at scale. Tackling large-scale content projects becomes a breeze, allowing multiple teams to work concurrently on the same content model while maintaining content separation and security.

In-platform Help Center

Harness the power of our extensive documentation, comprehensive learning courses, and contextually relevant recommendations to create an educational hub directly within the platform.

CLI Tooling

Contentstack command-line interface (CLI) is a simple, seamless way to interact with Contentstack using the command line. With this release, you can now perform common tasks and bulk actions without having to code.

For the creative professional

A composable digital experience that empowers business teams to easily create and manage content

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Onboarding velocity

Less than 30 minutes to onboard even the most casual users.


Omnichannel rich text editor

The best rich text editor in the industry empowers business teams to create rich text content for any channel, while developers work with format-neutral JSON.


Dynamic content

Dynamic Content allows business users to inject logic into rich text content for real-time adaptive content experiences.


Real-time content preview

Live Preview lets you see what your changes will look like side-by-side with your content across channels.

For the modern developer

A fully composable platform that gives you the freedom to easily build amazing digital experiences at scale

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Cloud-native CMS for best possible scaling, stability, availability and performance with global CDN coverage and dedicated regional data centers.


Developer Hub

A centralized place to build and manage custom apps for your business or the Contentstack community.


Open SaaS extensibility

Extend every aspect of the Contentstack user experience to customize to your business needs and integrate with other technologies


Enterprise security

SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 compliant, with the highest security measures across every aspect of our platform, Contentstack keeps your intellectual property safe.

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Mar 04, 2024

Latest platform releases: UI updates, enhanced search, expanded Live Preview service, and more

We’re excited to announce the second and final phase of user interface (UI) updates to our Venus Design System 2.0, extending to primarily developer-specific screens and modules. Building upon the foundation laid by our first phase of updates, we’re continuing the theme of enhanced user productivity and accessibility to ensure developers fully maximize our platform while empowering content manager counterparts to continue to do their best work. Bundled along with these exciting UI updates are also new powerful search capabilities, REST support for Live Preview with a new way to improve security control, and bolstered team management features for organization administrators. Dive into each section below and see what these new advancements in the Contentstack platform entails. UI updates Enhanced search capabilities Live Preview Service with REST support and Preview Tokens More power to organization administrators UI Updates Navigation & layout improvements Data tables for list pages The list pages of all modules now feature newer and more flexible tables, allowing you to adjust and customize your table view to your liking and more easily navigate through data to find exactly what you need. Easy column management: The ability to move, resize, reorder, freeze/unfreeze, and add/remove columns as needed in the table view. When swapping between different row densities (“compact” or “comfortable”) on data tables, the system will remember your desired preference. Pagination to jump through pages: Pagination at the bottom of the tables now replaces the previous infinite scroll and allows for easier navigation through records. Improved date field and date picker We have made usability updates to the date field that largely benefit content managers: Timezone picker is no longer within the time picker, but now sits outside, within the date field for easier access. Date selector now has “Cancel” and “Apply” buttons to avoid accidental updates to the date field. The new “Use Current Date” and “Use Current Time” options in the date and time selectors help you quickly select the current date and time in a few clicks. We have also made updates to the date picker within the Audit Log, allowing you to tailor your records to showcase only information that falls within the selected date range: Redesigned to include a single calendar view, aligning with the new look and feel. The new “Reset” button can be used to clear the selected date ranges quickly. UI elements & styling enhancements Visual indicators We have made visual enhancements to the input fields and forms, significantly improving the readability of text and conveying to users which fields are or aren’t editable. All input fields in our app are more prominently displayed, making it easier for you to access and interact with the information that matters most. Borders for better readability: The distinct borders around the input fields enhance visibility, and help indicate which exact field users edit. Read-only fields appear with a lock icon: The read-only fields within forms now have a lock icon, indicating that the fields are not editable. Background color for forms: All forms now have a distinct background color, whereas the fields and text area remain white, improving the color contrast of pages. Enhanced accessibility This set of UI updates for the Venus Design System 2.0 has been designed with enhanced accessibility and inclusivity in mind, making the app more user-friendly and promoting a more accessible and enjoyable experience for our users with varying needs. Some of the prominent changes include: A refined set of icons that not only adhere to industry standards but also contribute to a more cohesive and visually pleasing interface Consistent text color and size Improved tooltips visibility More user-friendly fields, aligning with our phase 2 design upgrades Rich Text Editors (RTEs) We have changed the look and feel of all three RTEs (JSON, HTML, and Markdown) to improve its usability and make it consistent with the other fields in the app. The updated RTEs feature cleaner icons, prominent links to expand/minimize editors, and better spacing. Additional updates to all UI components Toggle switches for enabling/disabling features We have incorporated a toggle switch feature for effortless enabling and disabling, making control more intuitive and efficient. New information “Pills” The new color-coded “Pills” feature has been added to a few screens such as the Invite Users module, in headers of Workflows and Publish Rules pages, the Branches module, and the Webhooks page for better navigation. Enhanced search capabilities We also introduced new overall search capabilities to our platform, helping you quickly and easily find that “needle in the haystack” when needed. Search entries by title You can now search entries by their titles across all content types. This means quicker access to the content you want without scrolling through pages. To do a title-only search, click on the search bar and use “Title” from the “Recently Used Fields” section. It is now available under “Advanced Search” in the system-defined fields. Support for JSON RTE and custom fields in Advanced Search We have expanded our Advanced Search capabilities to include JSON RTE and Custom fields (JSON data type). With the inclusion of these fields, utilizing the 'contains' operator, our search fully supports all field types in entries, enhancing your search flexibility. Live Preview Service with REST support and Preview Tokens We’re excited to announce the expansion of our Live Preview Service capabilities with the addition of REST support, complementing our existing GraphQL services. This enhancement ensures a more streamlined and intuitive preview experience, providing a comprehensive and versatile support for development needs and preferences. The APIs for this enriched service mirror the familiar structure of our Delivery API, maintaining consistent API contracts. Alongside this, we have introduced Preview Tokens, a new way to provide improved security and control for our Live Preview Service within Contentstack. Upgrade from read-only management tokens to Preview tokens for enhanced security measures and to prevent unauthorized data access. A Preview Token can be created while creating a Delivery Token, for the same scope. More power to organization administrators If you are an organization administrator, you now get a host of new features to manage your teams. Administrators are able to enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) and password expiration intervals for all users in their organization. Administrators can now manage team-level permissions for the “Teams” that are created within Contentstack CMS. This feature is available for early access beginning February 1, and is rolling out to all users throughout this month. Conclusion As this final phase of Venus Design System 2.0 rolls out with these latest releases, we are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive upgrade to elevate your experience with the Contentstack platform. From enhanced data control to improved readability and accessibility, these updates reflect our dedication to providing a top-notch user interface for all our users. This set of UI updates and platform enhancements marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to providing you with a seamless and improved experience. Stay tuned for more details on new developments coming your way – because at Contentstack, we believe in constantly evolving to meet and exceed your expectations. Your seamless and enjoyable user experience with our platform is our #1 priority. In the meantime, head over to Contentstack Pulse to catch up with the latest and greatest updates on all our products!

Mar 04, 2024

Introducing Taxonomy: Establish scalable content best practices with control and ease

The power of advanced taxonomy In today's fast-paced digital landscape, effective content organization and collaboration are crucial for businesses to stay competitive. While a headless content management system (CMS) offers increased flexibility and adaptability compared to legacy systems, it lacks the inherent structure that a legacy CMS provides. That's where Taxonomy comes in. Incorporating a taxonomy feature that integrates hierarchical structures and metadata elements capitalizes on the market demand for a more robust and well-rounded content management solution. This robust feature aims to streamline content management, enhance collaboration, and improve overall productivity at scale. The arrival of Taxonomy helps our customers scale content organization and role-based permissions, enabling users to manage large and complex data structures with ease while maintaining content security and separation. This innovative approach differentiates the Contentstack CMS and solidifies our position as a market leader in the enterprise content management space. What is Taxonomy? Taxonomy enhances content organization and enables content editors, particularly from larger enterprise environments, to handle vast and complex data structures with full control and ease. Taxonomy enables multiple ways to classify, organize and manage content, tailored to your organization’s specific needs. These classification methods can be structured hierarchically, relationally (may or may not be hierarchical), or as predefined lists based on metadata/attributes that can be applied across various use cases. Although its name, Taxonomy, implies categorization by hierarchy, it can be reused and repurposed to simplify content organization and management for large content volumes. Core features For developers Create: Create new taxonomies and terms. Developers are able to create sibling terms and child terms to establish a hierarchical structure for better content organization. Import & Export: Import one set of taxonomies and terms at a time, including nested terms, which helps save time and effort when managing a large number of taxonomies and terms. Content modeling with taxonomies: Associate specific taxonomies with content types, allowing for better organization and management of content. Developers can add a new taxonomy field, restrict which taxonomies can be tagged, and limit an editor's tagging options to the selected taxonomies. For business users List view (coming in GA): Content editors are able to view a list of all taxonomies on the Settings page, displaying relevant information such as Name, Description, Referenced Terms, Modified At, and Created At. This allows users to see an overview of their taxonomies and understand the relationship between taxonomy terms and categorized entries. Navigating entries with taxonomy structure: Content editors can navigate their content using a tree-like nested taxonomy structure. This will provide content editors with an intuitive way to browse, manage, and categorize their content based on the taxonomy. Taxonomy-based search: When searching for content, content editors have two primary methods at their disposal. A basic search involves simply typing a keyword, such as ‘India’ into the search bar, which brings up all entries categorized with that term. For a more tailored approach, the advanced search option allows you to apply multiple conditions, enabling you to refine your query and get more specific results. Key benefits Simplified content security & ownership Business leaders need a content ownership process that makes sense and is secure. Taxonomy helps stratify access to content within a content type by taxonomy term, without requiring a content type to be duplicated. This ensures the correct people on the team have access and permission to create and manage content most relevant to their respective project(s). No more content confusion and interruption as teams grow or change over time. Manage large-scale content projects Managing and organizing taxonomies of content for distinct business purposes on an aging legacy system is conducive to organizational limitations around long-term scalability and efficiency. With Taxonomy, manage and implement scalable content management processes for large-scale content projects across functions and systems with a direct line of sight. Gain full purview of content taxonomy Business teams need a way to effortlessly navigate to the content most relevant to their current priorities. Taxonomy helps provide navigation to content that spans multiple content types. It can mimic their site navigation structure or their own personalized ways of organizing content without having to understand the context of which content type their content lives in. With Taxonomy, manage and lead content projects from a single vantage point, giving you the confidence and assurance to execute. What's next? Taxonomy is a game-changer for content organization and collaboration. With its robust functionality and benefits, businesses can manage large-scale content projects, improve content security & ownership, and enhance overall content management experiences. By following best practices and leveraging the power Taxonomy, businesses can stay ahead in the digital landscape. Please note that Taxonomy is currently in its Early Access phase, and we appreciate your participation as early adopters. If you’re interested in joining our Early Access Program, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. Your feedback will be invaluable as we work to refine and improve Taxonomy. Our goal is to roll out Taxonomy to all users in the near future, delivering a polished and valuable addition to your Contentstack experience. If you’re fascinated by the versatile options for classifying, organizing, and managing content, we invite you to dive into our Taxonomy documentation.