The Composable

The Composable Charter is a manifesto of 10 guiding principles for enterprises on the composable journey. Created by over 100 leading enterprises at ContentCon 2023, this is a roadmap for any business to be successful on the path to composable. While each journey will be unique, they will all have these 10 guiding principles to composable success in common: The Composable Charter.


Composable technology is all about value and purpose

It is a philosophy and mindset shift that is greater than the sum of its parts. It allows you to tell your own story without walled gardens or vendor lock-in. Composable technology is future-flexible, making enterprises future-fit by enabling them to move at the speed of their imagination rather than being constrained by their legacy tech stack.


The flexibility of composable technology allows you to make better choices for your business

This empowers you to move swiftly from ideation to execution, bringing your imagination to life. With a shared foundation already set in place, your teams are free to focus on solving the problems unique to your business.


How do you choose your composable technologies?

A strong partnership is based on a shared vision, transparency and a growth mindset. Choosing the right partners starts with a focus and clarity on your needs, the willingness to understand each other's businesses and aligning your goals and roadmaps around the customer experience that you need to deliver together. Partners should be willing to invest in the partnership and help craft clear and balanced requirements and recommendations. True partners will collaborate on solutions for your business needs, whereas vendors will only bring products and features.


A good composable architecture has these things in common

It is flexible, agile and allows you to make updates and changes quickly. You have the ability to extend the platform to fit your specific business needs, making changes within days and weeks, not months. Teams can easily experiment with new vendors based on their needs, and prototype rapidly.


A key watchout

Don't try to rebuild the monolith with a composable strategy because it's comfortable. Composable is choosing the best ingredients of a digital stack and having them work in alignment. Choosing monolithic ingredients or attempting to fit outdated systems into this new paradigm does not work.


Don't be afraid to be a visionary

You are creating a path to composable around a vision - a better customer experience - around which silos get broken down, and technologies, people and processes become integrated. Your leadership and advocacy will make it inevitable for stakeholders to understand what’s possible, embrace the vision and create it together with you. It won’t always be easy. You will need persistence and perseverance. As the keeper of the big vision, create "small wins" that can be achieved along the way to help people see the progress that is being made.


What can you expect as a result within your organization?

With a focus on transparency and learning, every voice will trust in their ability to be heard. Your team will be able to be more creative in their roles, experience new and different ways of doing things and benefit from breaking down silos rather than being reliant on other departments. By becoming more adaptable, teams will get more comfortable with the unknown and be willing to experiment in order to create change that will lead to acceleration, innovation and efficiency.


And most importantly, the customer experience will benefit immeasurably

Through the power of flexibility with no vendor lock-in, personalization, speed, scalability, availability and unified omnichannel capabilities. The best customer experience is relevant, tailored, multichannel, timely, intuitive and innovative. Organizations that switch to composable technology can innovate, iterate and move faster, improve the speed of experience for end-users, expand into new markets and remain competitive - now and in the future.


How do you know you’re on the right track?

Success will look different for everyone depending on where your team is at in your composable journey. Early on, metrics like speed to market and continued progress toward your goal or project launch will be essential. Ensure your training plan is robust, and collaboration is encouraged.

Once your first project is live, watch for a shift in positive internal stakeholder feedback to increase along with a reduction in stakeholder friction, for example, in the form of tickets and support requests.

As you achieve liftoff and begin flying at MACH speed, the time from ideation to execution should decrease significantly, and team members will be empowered to work within their domain with independence and confidence. Over time, more of your engineering team’s time will be spent on new innovation and experimentation rather than resolving technical debt and refactoring outdated systems.

You will know that you have been successful when your organization is comfortable with continuous improvement and change, and your employees feel empowered to do their jobs.

What’s waiting for you as a result of your successful composable transformation?