Versioning is managing and organizing different iterations or versions of a document, software, or digital asset. It involves creating a systematic way to track changes, updates, and edits made over time, ensuring a clear record of the evolution of the file or project. Versioning is particularly critical in collaborative environments, software development, content management systems, and document editing, where multiple individuals or teams simultaneously work on the same project.

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Learn how versioning is used for the creation and management of multiple releases of a product that reflect the revisions and improvements made over time.


Software versioning assigns unique identifiers to software states, tracking developments via internal and release versions. Crucial for efficient change management.


Versioning involves a company manufacturing multiple models of the same product at different prices.


Versioning, also known as software versioning workflow, is the process by which businesses manage multiple versions of a product by assigning them with unique names or numbers for an individual state.


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Allows you to transform and enhance image files by creating presets to suit your business needs.

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