Modular approach

A modular approach involves dividing a complex system into independent, manageable units. Each module functions separately yet integrates into a cohesive whole, enhancing flexibility and simplifying maintenance.

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What is a composable architecture?

Modular blocks field


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Contentstack Automate

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Contentstack Marketplace

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Contentstack Headless CMS

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Discover modular design: a system of independent, interchangeable modules for easy modification and updates. Learn about its cost-effective, flexible nature and contrast with simpler platform systems, requiring specialized design and engineering expertise


Explore the future of healthcare IT with a modular approach focused on patient-centric care. Embrace digital tools, AI, and data analytics to create agile, robust systems that enhance patient experiences and operational efficiency, moving beyond traditional EHRs.


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Ninetailed is a composable personalization and experimentation solution that empowers digital teams to create, preview, and optimize experiences seamlessly inside the CMS