Composable customer data platform (CDP)

Composable CDP refers to a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that is designed with a composable architecture. It enables businesses to easily integrate and customize different components of the CDP according to their specific needs.

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Learn the cost/benefit trade-off between using an off-the-shelf customer data platform (CDP) vs. one composed inhouse using a combination of best-of-breed technologies like Databricks, Hightouch and Snowplow and how the latter can add transformational value to any modern organization.


Learn how a Composable CDP differs from a traditional CDP and why companies are choosing to build on top of their existing data infrastructure.


See how Snowplow helps you build a composable Customer Data Platform (CDP) that powers personalization at scale, using richly contextual behavioral data.


Build your CDP from best-in-breed components and never look back Customer data platforms (CDPs) are designed and sold as an all-in-one platform.


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