Composable banking

Composable banking refers to a banking system that is built using a composable architecture. It allows banks to assemble different banking services, such as payments, loans, and account management, into customized offerings that can be easily integrated with other systems or platforms.

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How composable technology improves experiences in financial services

How composable technology improves experiences in financial services

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International Banker

The incumbent usually has the advantage, but this hasn’t always been true for big banks—at least, not since the digital age dawned. Today, banks must meet customers’ digital-experience expectations agilely and effectively, often encumbered by legacy infrastructure, while minimizing costs. But there is a solution: the composable platform.

The Financial Brand

With a building-block approach, banks and credit unions get plug-and-play transformation that delivers in days and weeks, rather than years.

Fintech Futures

Adopting a composable approach presents a huge opportunity for banks to simplify one of their biggest perennial tech challenges: systems integration.


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