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Understanding the power of Contentstack Launch

Nicole QuickDec 05, 20233 min read

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This post explores the latest features of Contentstack Launch that make it easier and faster for developers to move forward.

First, let’s recap what Contentstack Launch is. Contentstack Launch is a highly performant front-end hosting solution built especially for the Contentstack CMS that enables the automated deployment and hosting of headless websites. Designed with developers in mind, Contentstack Launch is engineered from the ground up to streamline development operations.

Let’s see how that happens by highlighting just a few of the newest Launch features below.

On-demand cache revalidation

On-demand revalidation is a feature that allows for efficient and timely updates to your website or application's content. Instead of waiting for a predefined interval, on-demand revalidation initiates updates as soon as changes occur in your content. This ensures that your users always have access to the most recent and relevant information.

Launch’s unique approach to on-demand revalidation is also integrated with Contentstack’s powerful Automation Hub. So not only can you revalidate the cache for given pages when content changes, but also revalidate page caches when other events happen in your composable implementation–such as when your inventory, pricing, or product review databases are updated.

Examples like:

  • Updating Content: Contentstack Launch enables real-time updates to your content. When changes occur in the backend, the system initiates a revalidation process. This functionality ensures that your content remains up-to-date across all platforms.
  • Efficiency: Contentstack Launch enhances the efficiency of the revalidation process. You no longer need to trigger updates manually or wait for scheduled intervals. The system handles this task automatically, thus saving time and resources.
  • Flexibility: Contentstack Launch provides flexibility in managing your content. It lets you decide when and how to update your content, giving you full control over the revalidation process.

Edge URL redirects

Contentstack Launch facilitates Edge URL Redirects & Rewrites, allowing you to direct traffic from one URL to another by adding a simple file to your code repository. This feature is particularly useful when migrating web pages or restructuring your website.

New framework and version control support

In addition to supporting various Javascript frameworks like Create React App, Angular, and Vue.js, Contentstack Launch also supports Bitbucket for version control. These features further enhance the ease of managing digital projects, providing developers with a comprehensive toolset for efficient and effective project management.

Contentstack Launch is a tool that redefines how developers manage and host their projects. It simplifies the development process by supporting various JavaScript frameworks and offering Bitbucket for version control. The on-demand revalidation feature ensures real-time content updates, enhancing efficiency and user experience. Moreover, the Edge URL Redirects functionality effectively manages website traffic during webpage migration or restructuring.

Contentstack Launch is a comprehensive, developer-focused tool designed to streamline operations and keep digital content current and relevant in today's fast-paced digital world.

Check out Contentstack Launch to learn more or to dive in yourself.

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