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More Tools for Developers: Image Delivery APIs and New SDKs

This week, we released a set of powerful new features for Contentstack. Here's a summary of the updates.

Bringing “Organization” Aboard

Introducing Organization, a single dashboard to manage all your users and your sites. An organization contains all of the elements – stacks, users etc. – available in Contentstack. All stacks (and the resources within) of a group or a company now belong to an organization, giving you better control over your subscription. You can add new users to your organization, assign roles, view overall usage, and macro-manage your project with ease. Read more about its features or learn how it works.

Image Delivery API - Edit Images on the Fly

Using this new API, you can perform dynamic actions on saved images by passing simple parameters. Some of the actions that you can perform on images are resize and/or crop, change device pixel ratio or quality, reorient images, or place an overlay image.

Read our documentation on the Image Delivery API and try out the various parameters.

Introducing New SDKs

With the addition of four new SDKs to its arsenal, Contentstack is now stronger, better, and more powerful than ever. We have introduced Java, Ruby, PHP and React Native SDKs, so that developers can choose from a wide range of platforms to create awesome projects powered by Contentstack.

Go through our documentation to get started with your favorite language

Set Limits to Multi-Valued Fields

We have introduced a new field parameter, "Set Maximum Limit" for the "Multiple" field. The Set Maximum Limit property allows you to limit the maximum number of instances that can be created for the Multiple field. If a user tries to create instances that exceed the specified limit, they will be warned about it. Read more about this feature.