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Introducing JavaScript Content Management SDK – Create and Update Content From Anywhere

Here’s some great news for developers: Contentstack recently introduced our JavaScript Management SDK.

The JavaScript Management SDK provides easy access to our Content Management APIs (CMA), allowing developers to create, update, or delete content, and fetch resources such as entries, assets, environments, languages, webhooks, extensions, releases, tokens, and more.

This SDK now lets you create and manage content in your Contentstack account from anywhere. This opens up a lot of possibilities for developers. Using the Contentstack JavaScript Management SDK, it is incredibly easy to:

  • Import content
  • Build webhook integrations
  • Create content automation apps
  • Keep content in sync with external systems or apps
  • Create custom scripts or tools to cater to specific requirements

The JavaScript Management SDK is available on Github. To get started with the SDK, you will need your Stack API Key as well as the Management Token.

Although you can fetch entries using this SDK, it is not optimized for content delivery. To deliver content to your web or mobile properties, especially on a large scale, we strongly recommend using our JavaScript Content Delivery SDK.

For more information, check out the documentation on the JavaScript Management SDK.


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