Increase Productivity with These Headless CMS Features


The all new ‘Default URL Pattern’ feature lets you standardize the URL pattern for pages of your website. This is a common use case for the majority of our customers when building out a blog or a product catalog. You can define a URL pattern of your choice while creating/editing a content type. Once this is determined, Contentstack automatically generates the URL every time you create an entry.

For instance, if you decide the pattern to be, the auto-generated URL for your next post will be

You can include date, title, custom text, or a combination of any of these elements in the URLs. This gives you the flexibility to create meaningful, reader-friendly, and beautiful URLs that rate high on SEO parameters. Read the docs to get started with this feature.

Default Value for a Field

Save time and effort

While creating content types, you can set a default value for a field. The next time you create an entry, you do not have to manually enter a value for that field. It will, by default, contain the specified value. This reduces the time and effort spent entering the same data every time for a field. Content managers also maintain the ability to overwrite the preset value without having to make a request to development.

Data Columns

Field data at a glance

By default, the entries page displays basic info about each entry (such as title, created at, publish status, and version) in separate columns. We have added a new feature that lets you add data columns to display the fields’ data of each entry. This helps you get a quick overview of the data of all the fields in a particular content type.