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Accelerate custom app development with boilerplates

Brandon EcclesJan 09, 20243 min read

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The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and with it, platforms need to offer customizable, adaptable solutions. This is where Contentstack's Developer Hub steps in, especially as it approaches its General Availability (GA) launch later this month. Here, the spotlight is on our app boilerplates – essential building blocks that streamline developing and deploying custom applications that extend the Contentstack platform and its capabilities.

Platform extension challenges

Coming up with custom solutions to tailor CMS or digital experience platform functionality to an organization's specific needs is often a daunting task. It involves piecing together various components, each with its own set of technical intricacies and maintenance challenges. Developers frequently find themselves in a juggling act, trying to integrate disparate APIs, manage complex codebases, all without any sacrifices to platform performance. These "band-aid" solutions, while necessary for functionality, can lead to a tangle of code that's hard to maintain and scale. The effort to make these platforms behave and perform as required comes with significant overhead, often diverting attention from innovation to troubleshooting and upkeep. Faced with these challenges, Contentstack's Developer Hub provides a streamlined and effective solution for simplifying custom app development.

App boilerplates: The fast-track to custom development

Contentstack’s Developer Hub introduces app boilerplates as a transformative tool in custom application development. These boilerplates are designed to simplify the process, providing pre-configured settings and functionalities that allow developers to focus on crafting unique features and integrations. Let’s explore the specific boilerplates and their impact on developing custom solutions.

Generic app boilerplate

The Generic App Boilerplate is a versatile foundation suited for various applications. It provides a flexible starting point for developers to create solutions that require a mix of custom functionalities and integrations. This boilerplate is ideal for apps requiring unique user interfaces or specialized content management features. Its modular nature allows for the creation of diverse applications, serving as a foundation for Marketplace apps like the AI Assistant, which shows up as a custom field within the entry editor experience and equips users with the power of generative AI right at the point of content creation, and all within the Contentstack platform.

Ecommerce boilerplate

Focused on the needs of online retail, the eCommerce Boilerplate streamlines the creation of custom eCommerce solutions. It offers essential tools and integrations for building seamless online shopping experiences, handling product catalogs, and integrating with payment gateways. Developers can leverage this boilerplate to address retail challenges, from customer journey optimization to inventory management. This boilerplate is the backbone for Marketplace apps such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, commercetools, and BigCommerce, showcasing its utility in creating efficient eCommerce platforms.

DAM boilerplate

The DAM Boilerplate is tailored for managing digital assets. It provides robust tools for effectively organizing, tagging, and distributing digital content. Whether handling large media libraries or integrating with other systems for asset delivery, this boilerplate simplifies the complexities associated with digital asset management. It’s the core of Marketplace apps like Brandfolder, Bynder, Cloudinary, and Aprimo, demonstrating its effectiveness in enhancing asset management capabilities within the Contentstack ecosystem.

Getting started with boilerplates

The significance of app boilerplates in custom app development cannot be overstated, especially as we witness the GA launch of Developer Hub. These tools mark a notable advancement in Contentstack's developer experience. For developers keen to explore these boilerplates, comprehensive documentation is available:

Additionally, you can find more about Developer Hub and its functionalities in the Developer Hub Documentation. Whether aiming for a simple UI enhancement or a complex integrated solution, these resources guide you through a seamless development journey.


We hope the introduction of app boilerplates transforms how developers interact with and extend the Contentstack platform. As we celebrate the GA launch of Developer Hub, we invite you to dive in and begin developing innovative custom solutions faster with app boilerplates.

Join us for an upcoming small group demo on February 15th, where we'll introduce Developer Hub and all it has to offer. This is an excellent opportunity to explore custom app development with Contentstack, enabling you to tailor and extend the platform precisely to your needs. Register now.

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