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Forrester Recognizes Contentstack in Roundup of Agile CMS Providers

In their new report “Now Tech: Agile Content Management Systems,” leading research and advisory firm Forrester recognized Contentstack as a tool for companies to create more personalized, cohesive, and compelling customer experiences. Now that customers are engaging with brands across a variety of devices and channels, companies can’t afford to be slowed down by siloed platforms and inefficient tools. According to Forrester, Agile CMS is the way forward.

Forrester defines Agile CMS as “a solution for collaboratively curating, creating, and delivering content across channels and campaigns via iterative development and deployment processes.” Some of the benefits of adopting Agile CMS are faster asset creation, better use and reuse of content, and more personalized customer experiences. Contentstack achieves these benefits with APIs that enable omnichannel marketing as well as user-friendly interfaces for both business and tech users. Reaching customers is now a joint effort requiring marketing, IT, and other teams to bring diverse skills toward a common goal, Contentstack was designed for collaboration with that end in mind.

To help application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals choose a system that fits their needs, Forrester presents leading tools alongside details about the industries and customers they serve. The report notes Contentstack’s expertise in diverse verticals such as retail and eCommerce, media and entertainment, and finance and insurance. Contentstack has proven to be a valuable partner for businesses in IT and data analysis, professional sports, and the nonprofit sector

As Forrester states in their recent report, “Tools that are flexible, yet structured with intuitive workflows and built-in best practices and standards, will win the day.” Read the full report to gain more insights into what Agile CMS has to offer and the solutions available.

You can purchase the new report from Forrester here. You can also access our free Ultimate Guide to CMS.