Contentstack Wins Most Effective Tech Platform at 2019 Masterclassing Awards

Contentstack is pleased to announce our 2019 Masterclassing Effective Digital Marketers Award win for the Most Effective Tech Platform. We were recognized as the “Most Effective Tech Platform” for our use case with the NBA’s Miami HEAT. The Miami HEAT leverage Contentstack’s best-in-class tech platform to provide in-arena offers and personalized experiences uniquely tailored to segments of the HEAT fan base.

The Contenstack platform enables the delivery of content to any device via its API-first, headless CMS. Using our integration-ready, microservices approach, the HEAT's advanced personalization capabilities provide visibility into individual fans' preferences. The personalization of messages helps grow the HEAT's loyalty programs and deliver in-arena content to treat each individual like a VIP. Most importantly, the personalization of content resulted in significant revenue growth as well as increased fan loyalty and engagement. After reviewing the results of the Contentstack and Miami HEAT use case, the judges deemed the Contentstack and Miami HEAT partnership “a worthy winner” of “Most Effective Tech Platform.”

About the Award

The Masterclassing Effective Digital Marketing Awards is a global awards program that recognizes excellence in a variety of fields within the realm of digital marketing. The award contestants include brands and agencies from around the world. The Most Effective Tech Platform category aptly recognizes the most effective technology platform. The awards cover aspects of digital marketing, including, Demand Side Platforms, Supply Side Platforms, Data Management Platforms, Digital Asset Management Platforms, and Content Management Platforms.

A global panel of leading brand marketers are the judges for the Masterclassing Marketing Awards. All of the judges assess campaigns on the following four criteria: strategy (20% weighting), innovation (20%), execution (20% weighting), and results (40% weighting). The judges look for evidence of effectiveness in terms of customer testimonials and examples of successful use cases.

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Contentstack Named Best Content Management Platform of 2019 at the SIIA CODiE Awards

At Contentstack, we pride ourselves on delivering the best Content Management Platform for our customers across the globe. Contentstack’s headless CMS serves as the ideal content hub for corporations and enterprise organizations delivering omnichannel, personalized digital experiences. We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the SIIA 2019 CODiE Award for Best Content Management Platform!

About the SIIA CODiE Awards

For over 30 years, the SIIA CODiE Awards have honored thousands of software, education, information, and media products for achieving excellence and innovation in technology. They are the only peer-recognized program in the business and education technology industries, so each CODiE Award win serves as incredible market validation for a product’s innovation, vision, and overall industry impact. The CODiE Awards highlights the very best products, innovators, and leaders in today’s tech market.

The CODiE Awards is the ONLY peer-recognized competition in education and business technology. Each nominated product receives a detailed review by two expert judges (teachers and administrators in ed tech categories and executives, product leaders, investors, consultants and press in biz tech categories). Products are judged against category-specific criteria, and all nominees receive detailed feedback from their judges that can be used in marketing, promotions and to help guide future product development.

The CODiE Awards levels the playing field between industry giants and start-ups, so only the best products make it to the winners’ circle.


Contentstack, The Future of Content Management

The Content Management System industry is evolving quicker than ever, with new tools and techniques emerging at an unprecedented rate. Contentstack customers can rest assured that their business is prepared for the future of omnichannel marketing and digital experiences, no matter what new technologies emerge.

But don’t take our word for it, besides our peers awarding us the 2019 CODiE for best Content Management Platform, we’ve also received validation from our customers with recognition as an April 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice for Web Content Management (WCM).

Learn more about your options when it comes to Content Management Platforms, and specifically how headless CMS is transforming customer experiences in our “Ultimate Guide to CMS” ebook.

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Contentstack Named an April 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Web Content Management (WCM)

At Contentstack, we strive to build and deliver a world-class, modern Content Management System (CMS) and Digital Experience Platform (DXP), but more importantly, we pride ourselves in placing our customers at the heart of our business. In doing so, our customers have responded in kind. Contentstack’s CMS has been recognized as a 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Web CMS with a 4.8 out of 5-star rating as of May 7, 2019 based on 58 ratings!


Contentstack’s headless CMS solution was conceived to address the challenges and opportunities that enterprises face as a result of the dramatic evolution of digital content – its very nature, its distribution and its consumption – over the last 20 years. As a team, Contentstack has implemented, configured, and operated dozens of traditional CMS systems. Via a consultative approach and close collaboration with countless enterprise organizations, Contentstack was able to design a new, more customer-centric platform to manage content – across web, mobile, and new and emerging digital channels. This customer-centric focus extends well beyond just our product. Every quarter, we meet with our customers to review the state of their business, plan for future initiatives, and collect their feedback. Additionally, we offer 24/7 in-app support with rapid response time (within minutes) where customers can ask for help, make suggestions, and interact with a qualified human, not just a bot. Ensuring that our customers are successful is so ingrained in our DNA that we literally can’t sleep until we know they are taken care of.

“We created Contentstack to solve the problem of how to build a high-performance system for delivering content that’s platform-agnostic and best prepares customers for the future of digital experiences. We’re proud of being acknowledged as a Customers’ Choice for WCM and are thankful to our customers for their trust and honest feedback. Their support motivates us to do even better,” says Neha Sampat, CEO of Contentstack.

Why Customers Prefer Contentstack

In today’s digital environment, consumers expect quick, personalized experiences when and where they choose to engage with a company. If they aren’t getting the kind of engagement or experience they want, they’ll readily click or tap their way to a competitor. Enterprise organizations are tasked with delivering personalized content and creating modern digital experiences while coping with scalability, growth, and limited resources. Here are the top three reasons why we believe customers prefer Contentstack:

  1. Idea-to-deployment in record time
    Our headless CMS helps accelerate and simplify the creation and delivery of digital content initiatives, and bring new experiences to life in days, not weeks or months.
  2. Improve ‘Return on Experience’
    Businesses reap greater returns on investments – both past and future – in digital content and digital experiences with Contentstack’s flexible, integrated, and scalable infrastructure.
  3. Easily create, collaborate, and control 
    Our rich features and robust tools bring business and technology teams into harmony and unleash the full potential of marketers, editors, designers, and developers.

About Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice

Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice in Web Content Management semi-annually recognizes vendors that are the most highly rated by their customers in Web CMS. In order to be named a ‘Customers’ Choice,’ vendors must have a product that is aligned to the market, have their overall rating (out of 5 stars) equal or higher than the mean rating for that market, and have a Product Adoption Review Coverage (PARC) or PARC of 3.0 or the median PARC score of the market (whichever is higher) in the same market.

Hear It from Our Customers

Based on professional peer reviews approved by Gartner Peer Insights, Contentstack’s headless CMS is chosen by marketers and developers to deliver personalized, digital experiences and boasts a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. With more than 50 total reviews, here are some examples of what customers are saying about Contentstack:

"A great feature-rich product that is easy to implement. Our integration with Contentstack was seamless and trouble-free. It's a brilliant example of what a headless CMS should be and a brilliant example of how easy it is to integrate with Saas providers. Their support during the initial implementation was second to none."

– Principal Software Engineer, Energy and Utilities Industry
"Best content management system around. As someone who has worked with a countless number of content management systems, Contentstack is by far the easiest to use and the quickest to learn. I'm extremely satisfied with my experience with Contentstack and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new management system." 

– Mobile Coordinator, Media Industry
“We’ve tried a lot of CMSs and this has been by far the easiest to integrate with our product. It was a no-brainer for switching to Contentstack for an internal website. Having many editors review/make changes to content was a lot harder on other CMSs we used before, and everyone on our team quickly fell in love with Contentstack when we switched earlier this year. Would HIGHLY recommend!” 

– Full Stack Software Engineer, Finance Industry
“The technology used by Contentstack is cutting edge. We can update sections of our webpage from the comfort of our phones. It's instantaneous in nature. It also provides flexible content types so that you can create your own content types according to your liking which can be deployed on your website. The technology, on the whole, is very flexible and can be adapted by newcomers fairly easily. It also provides powerful administration so that access control can be implemented easily.” 

– Software Engineer, Manufacturing Industry
“We are currently implementing Contentstack to power the content on our e-commerce sites and are very pleased with the attention and support their team is giving us as a client! We always get our questions promptly answered and feature requests are actually considered instead of just thrown into a ‘someday’ pile. They are also constantly rolling out new features to improve their product, so it will only get better!” 

– Director of Web Services, Retail Industry

Ready For What’s Next

The Web Content Management industry is undergoing profound and rapid change. Contentstack and its customers are prepared for the future of digital experiences and whatever new technologies may emerge.

“As with all technologies, new challenges and opportunities will arise as businesses and industries adopt and adapt to digital change,” says Sampat. “We aim to stay one step ahead of the game and ensure business and IT are equipped not just with a best-in-class CMS for the web, but a powerful Digital Experience Platform that prepares them for the future of digital content and digital experiences across all digital touchpoints.”

You can learn more about different content management systems and specifically, how the headless CMS is transforming the customer experience in this “Ultimate Guide to CMS” ebook.

The Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice badge is a trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc., and/or its affiliates, and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved. Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-user reviews, ratings, and data applied against a documented methodology; they neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Gartner or its affiliates.

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business-handshake.jpeg Joins Software AG

Today, we are proud and excited to share some BIG NEWS: As you might have seen from the press announcement, our sister company and its award winning integration platform Flow have a new home! Software AG, the global software powerhouse headquartered in Germany, has just acquired – you can read the official announcement on the blog.

IMPORTANT: All Contentstack customers and partners can expect business as usual. Contentstack remains your digital content hub and digital content experience engine with the ability to use Flow to power integrations – now under the new Software AG banner.

Contentstack has already been flourishing as an independent company since the beginning of the year. Our leadership and the entire Contentstack team – myself included – remain committed to making Contentstack the world’s leading digital content hub. We will continue to power the most amazing, content-driven, digital experiences. If you’ve been a fan of and are wondering what our “next big thing” is going to be… Contentstack is it! :-)

Meanwhile, please join me in congratulating the entire team for this amazing news and Software AG for what history will confirm to be one of its smartest, most impactful acquisitions!!

Neha Sampat
CEO of Contentstack
Co-Founder and former CEO at

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Headless Content Management System now an SAP Partner

Today at SAP’s TechEd Conference in Las Vegas, SAP officially named Contentstack as a partner for omnichannel headless content management.

In order to keep up with the constant expectations from customers wanting flawless and consistent digital experiences, we’ve partnered with SAP to remove the headache from developing and managing content across all channels.

At its core, the SAP Cloud Platform Portal enables companies to provide holistic digital experiences by building better ways to push content to users. With Contentstack, content on websites, mobile apps, IoT, etc. can be delivered with the push of a button and instantly optimized for every screen, device and channel. Contentstack simplifies and accelerates content management by allowing business users to manage and update content across all channels without the hassle and complexity of a traditional content management system (CMS).

We’re very excited about this new partnership and how it will enable SAP customers to seamlessly deploy their headless CMS platforms. By using the SAP Cloud Platform Portal with Contentstack, companies can create easy-to-use, enterprise-grade websites, portals and mobile applications and conveniently separate the underlying data structure from the presentation layer. This gives companies the ability to organize content logically without being restricted by visual or device considerations.

Here are just some of the benefits SAP customers will see by using Contentstack:

  • Omni-channel content distribution. SAP customers increasingly manage content across more than the traditional web channel. From mobile applications to IoT devices, VR headsets, kiosks and jumbotrons –Contentstack allows organizations to publish content across all of today’s and tomorrow’s channels
  • Guaranteed uptime. With the CMS decoupled from the website itself, developers can guarantee site uptime and reliability, without any dependency on data being served by the CMS or an underlying database
  • Reusable apps. Content managers can create and package components, such as blogs, resource libraries, events etc. that can be shared and reused as microservices
  • Multi-environment deployment. Users can create multiple environments (development, staging, production, etc.) and push content everywhere simultaneously, or to one environment at a time

We are looking forward to the future with our friends at SAP, helping its users enjoy how easy it is to use Contentstack.

Want to see how it works? Be sure to stop by booth #3 in the Engage section of the SAP Experts and Solution Center at SAP TechEd and check out the live demo of Contentstack! 

For more news on our partnership, read SAP’s press release and on their blog this morning.

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