Aragon Research: The Rise of Content Experience Platforms


Traditional web content management as we know it is over. Businesses are confronted with audiences that demand more than just static content, served via the equivalent of a generic digital billboard. Users expect to be engaged with rich, meaningful, individualized experiences that go beyond web—and even beyond mobile. Today’s customer journeys may traverse a wide variety of digital channels so brands have to make sure they engage their audiences equally well across all digital touchpoints.

While content remains at the heart of all digital experiences, the technology requirements to create, deliver, and optimize them have evolved dramatically. With the introduction of the Content Experience Platform (CXP), Aragon Research captures the trends and capabilities underpinning this new technology category. It is a vital guide for organizations investing in digital content and in digital experiences to accelerate growth and improve customer loyalty.

Download this report to:

  • See how CXPs make it easy to deliver immersive, omnichannel content experiences.
  • Learn why 50% of enterprises will shift to a CXP by YE 2022 for superior business results.
  • Discover how CXPs are revolutionizing the way enterprises market to buyers.
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