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Securing strategies for composable DXP

The Contentstack TeamNov 16, 20232 min read

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In a recent episode of Contentstack LIVE!, we hear from Matt Black, Director of Information Security at Contentstack, about the critical aspects of securing a composable Digital ExperiencePlatform (DXP) with a spotlight on user management and API token strategies within an enterprise headless CMS environment.

The insightful discussion started with Black's thoughts on the need to view security considerations from a user's perspective, emphasizing the importance of ensuring safe and reliable dissemination of information when integrating systems and sharing content. Protecting the brand and messages while providing a trusted and safe delivery method is challenging, but it underpins the success of a secure DXP.

Mitigate risks by using a CDN

When it comes to protecting the integrity of your brand, Black highlighted the role of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) in mitigating risks like denial of service attacks and managing traffic surges. With its triple advantages of confidentiality, integrity, and availability, a CDN ensures smooth content delivery and provides a resilient defense against service disruptions.

"When promoting your brand, availability is crucial," Black said. "Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is vital to mitigate risks like denial of service attacks, ensuring your site can manage traffic surges and filter bad traffic. Contentstack's CDN addresses these concerns, playing a key role in the security triad: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. It accelerates content delivery through caching and provides an added layer of protection against service disruptions."

Secure API keys and tokens

An equally important focus was securing API keys and tokens, the core of API security. Black pointed out that these should be protected as diligently as passwords to prevent accidental exposure. All essential strategies are tools to detect potential public disclosure of such sensitive information, regular rotation schedules for keys, and collaboration with IT teams to integrate protective measures into workflows.

In the face of common threats like phishing, Black emphasized strengthening user access security. He recommended implementing single sign-on (SSO) through platforms like Active Directory or Okta and using built-in tools to monitor passwords, recommend password strength, and provide audit logs for event reviews.

How AI affects cybersecurity challenges

While accepting that AI lowers the entry barrier for attackers, Black highlighted how it can enhance defense through rapid anomaly detection. By recognizing suspicious activities that humans might overlook, AI can improve security and allow teams to focus on resolving more complex issues.

"When working with APIs, there's inherent trust in the accuracy of the shared information, managed through API keys and tokens, which should be guarded as diligently as passwords," Black said. "It's crucial to ensure these keys and tokens are secure and not inadvertently exposed, a common error often seen in security mishaps. To mitigate this, you can employ tools that detect potential public exposure of such sensitive information, establish regular key rotation schedules, and collaborate with IT teams to integrate protective measures into your workflows."

The key to a secure composable DXP

This episode is a comprehensive guide for building a composable DXP. The key lies in blending user management strategies with vigilant API token protection and leveraging AI's capabilities for superior defense.

By adopting these methods and leveraging the suggested resources, businesses can fortify their cybersecurity foundations and confidently navigate the digital world.

Watch the full Contentstack LIVE! episode to learn more.

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