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Introducing Markdown in Contentstack Headless CMS

The latest Contentstack upgrade brings you the most-awaited feature: a full-featured Markdown Editor. This Markdown Editor allows you to add content in Markdown, an easy-to-use markup language with plain text formatting that can be easily converted to HTML.

Adding a Markdown Editor

You can add one or more Markdown editors to new, as well as existing forms.

Add a new form or edit an existing one to enter the Form Editor mode. In the Form Editor mode, simply add a new field with Markdown as its data type.


Save your changes and this field will now be available when creating or editing an entry associated with this form.

Adding Content in Markdown

Add text with the appropriate annotations. We have also included a toolbar with buttons for the most common annotations.


Click the expanding arrows button to use the Markdown editor in the distraction-free, fullscreen mode. You can also view a preview of your content with just a click. When adding content to the Markdown editor, simply click the preview button to view how your content will look in HTML.