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New Content Type Builder Makes Creating Content Structures Easy

Working with content structure is one of the most common—and challenging—tasks for a developer. Are you looking out for the easiest technique to build and customize your content? Here’s where our new content type builder comes in handy. You can now build your content structure in just a few minutes, or rather, a few seconds!

This new release makes working with content easy and flexible! It’s packaged with enhanced features to quickly create content types, add fields using the drag-and-drop functionality, edit field properties in real time, rearrange fields, label them, and do a lot more.

Follow the instructions below to set it up.

1. Create a Content Type

When creating a new content type, name it, and select the kind of content type you want—"Webpage" or "Content Block". If you want to add a single entry, select "Single," otherwise, select "Multiple" for multiple entries.

2. Drag and Drop Fields

Build powerful content structures that require no technical expertise. Just drag and drop the fields you want from the list available in the right panel. To learn more, read the Content Types documentation.

Realtime Field Editing

The changes made to your field properties are reflected immediately. Simply click on the selected field to edit its properties, and watch your changes happen in real time. For instance, Contentstack has the Instructional Value, Placeholder Text, and Help Text fields designed to help content editors manage content. If you edit any of these fields, the UI reflects it simultaneously.

Rearrange Fields in No Time

To rearrange fields, drag them using the grip icon (dots) appearing on the left side of the field.

Easy Categorization

Organize the content types in your stack by adding labels. You can add and nest as many labels as you need for easy access.