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Mastering personalization with composable DXP

The Contentstack TeamNov 29, 20233 min read

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Personalization is not just a tool for enhancing customer experience; it's necessary. On our latest Contentstack LIVE! In the episode, the Director of Product Marketing at Dynamic Yield, Emma Furlong shares invaluable insights about personalization, its challenges, and how to approach it effectively.

The rise of personalization

The demand for personalized experiences has reached unprecedented levels. With customers expecting tailored interactions and relevant content, businesses have recognized the immense value of personalization. According to Google, 90% of leading marketers believe that implementing personalized strategies can significantly impact business profitability. 

By understanding individual preferences, needs, and behaviors, companies can forge deeper connections with their target audience, foster brand loyalty, and drive revenue growth.

Dynamic Yield is a leading personalization platform that optimizes user experiences across the entire technology stack. From web personalization to offline engagement, this platform is shaping the future of digital marketing.

Effective personalization

Implementing effective personalization requires more than just having the right technology. The proper methodology, team structure, and roadmap are equally essential. A common pitfall for many organizations is the inability to scale due to a lack of these crucial elements.

Combining the right technology with the correct methodology separates successful brands.

"We've noticed that sometimes the AB testing team is separate from the personalization team," Furlong said. "However, we advise against this separation because effective personalization requires that these activities occur in tandem. If you're AB testing something on a website, applying those insights to personalization is crucial. Testing without subsequent personalization means you gather insights but don't act on them. Conversely, personalizing without prior testing is akin to guessing. After experiencing this with Dynamic Yield, one of our customers merged these teams to harness the benefits of a unified workflow."

The gold standard of personalization

The gold standard of personalization is an experience tailored to the user, anticipating their needs and ensuring seamless navigation toward their objectives. However, achieving this standard requires more than merely displaying a user's name on a website. It necessitates understanding the customer and tailoring experiences to their interests.

"The gold standard of personalization is when a brand, such as an airline, serves the right content and messaging to the right person at the right time, anticipating their needs and ensuring they quickly and effectively achieve their goals," Furlong said. "This results in the user feeling the experience is truly tailored to them. While there are countless use case permutations, simply displaying someone's name on a website doesn't achieve this goal. The ideal vision is for every customer to feel understood, with experiences tailored to their interests, ensuring seamless navigation towards their objectives."

Composable technology integration

Dynamic Yield champions composable tech for seamless, real-time personalization across diverse MarTech stacks. Composable technology allows for integrating top-tier technologies, ensuring seamless capabilities across various technologies.

This approach is central to Dynamic Yield's philosophy and is crucial for real-time site personalization.

AI in personalization

How do you use AI for personalization? Dynamic Yield utilizes AI to simplify the personalization process for marketers. From generative AI solutions for generating copy ideas to deep learning systems for product recommendations, AI integration is enhancing personalization.

Another powerful way they use AI for personalization is through AI-powered affinity profiles. Furlong said, "...our AI-powered affinity profiles use deep learning to understand customer preferences. Instead of recommending similar products repeatedly based on a single purchase, our system recommends complementary items, ensuring relevance. This AI integration enhances personalization, simplifying the process for marketers."


Personalization is a complex but crucial aspect of digital marketing. Organizations must combine technology with the correct methodology, structure their teams effectively, and embrace composable technology to personalize. Additionally, harnessing the power of AI can significantly enhance and simplify the personalization process.

Watch the full episode to explore the world of personalization further.

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