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MACH to the Rescue [Infographic]

The inevitable outcome of converging technology, marketing, and customer experience trends, MACH technology enables the functionality that consumers demand and businesses need to survive in a fast-paced, omnichannel environment.

The term “MACH” was coined by a group of independent modern tech companies and inspired by the high speed at which software ecosystems must serve today’s enterprise customers.

MACH is an acronym that describes technology built upon four modern principles: microservices, API-connectivity, cloud-nativity, and headless infrastructure.

But what exactly does that mean? Let’s explore each in detail. 

Microservices are lean services that perform specific tasks and are connected via API to be deployed, maintained, and scaled independently to power infinite user experiences.

Application programming interface (API) technology connects modules to create an infinitely-flexible ecosystem that can be re-constructed to be completely customer-centric, even as trends and technologies shift.

Cloud-native software is commonly delivered as a service by a third-party vendor, so it is always up to date and ready to scale with less cost and time than on-site software.

Headless architecture decouples front-end presentation and back-end logic, streamlining interoperability and enabling channel-independent and framework-agnostic content operations.

Altogether, these features add up to a MACH solution that enables businesses to keep up with the best of emerging technologies, shift operations with each new trend, and scale as needed without ever performing (another) expensive and time-consuming replatforming project.

To make sure the technology you’re adopting is MACH-enabled and future-ready, download this MACH Evaluation Checklist and learn all the critical criteria for finding a solution that makes your enterprise agile, effective, and scalable. And to learn even more about MACH, check out our infographic below that depicts how each of the cutting-edge elements of MACH come together to create the functionality that today’s businesses need to become tomorrow’s empires.



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