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Mobile-First CMS | API-First Content Management System (CMS)

Nishant PatelJul 15, 2014

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Today, we are excited to introduce Contentstack, the mobile-first enterprise CMS.

Contentstack is built on top of a mobile-first CMS platform, which means mobile support comes built-in, instead of bolted on. Since content isn’t just distributed via static web pages anymore, Contentstack wasn’t just built with mobile in mind, it was built with an eye to the future. Web apps, mobile sites, and mobile apps are all becoming equally important content channels and it’s a growing challenge for enterprises to manage content and keep it consistent across all of them.

Anthony Zambataro, Senior Director, Brand and Creative Marketing at RMS comments on multi-channel content management, using Contentstack, “There are hundreds of CMS products, but for us, it comes down to what’s the fastest and easiest for us to use. Both of these are strong features of Contentstack and that’s why we love the product so much. It’s what sets them apart from all other CMS providers and allows us to seamlessly manage content across both the web and mobile.”

With Contentstack, the same content published to a website can be directly consumed and displayed by a mobile app. Contentstack accomplishes this by storing and sharing content using the JSON format, which is lightweight and ideal for mobile consumption. As a result, content can be delivered via any device – smartphone, tablet, phablet, even wearables such as Google Glass – with its presentation optimized for each client. By contrast, legacy CMS products typically turn content into code that is tied to presentation via a traditional web browser and optimized only for PC-like devices.

Why the Backend Matters

If a web app needs to be delivered via another channel – for example as a native mobile application – the portable data structure provided by Contentstack makes this fast and efficient to accomplish. Not only can content itself be managed centrally and shared, the same applies to content structure and any application logic. By providing a powerful and flexible database, it becomes easy to build mobile apps based on the data structure of your web app, and vice versa.

A common use case would be a company trying to engage prospects or acquire new customers via interactive web applications. With Contentstack, our customers can quickly turn such a web application into a robust mobile app. The result enables a new audience to use the same content and application logic in record time. Synchronizing content, logic, look and feel across these channels becomes a breeze with Contentstack.

Finally, Contentstack can leverage RESTful APIs to integrate easily with best-of-breed third-party tools and services, such as marketing and campaign management systems, or portal software. These same APIs also enable content aggregation and social integration.

About Contentstack

The Contentstack team comprises highly skilled professionals specializing in product marketing, customer acquisition and retention, and digital marketing strategy. With extensive experience holding senior positions in notable technology companies across various sectors, they bring diverse backgrounds and deep industry knowledge to deliver impactful solutions.  

Contentstack stands out in the composable DXP and Headless CMS markets with an impressive track record of 87 G2 user awards, 6 analyst recognitions, and 3 industry accolades, showcasing its robust market presence and user satisfaction.

Check out our case studies to see why industry-leading companies trust Contentstack.

Experience the power of Contentstack's award-winning platform by scheduling a demo, starting a free trial, or joining a small group demo today.

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