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Everything You Need to Know About Content Personalization Technology [Infographic]

It’s the baseline for the all-important customer experience that’s overtaking product and price as the key differentiator in 2020.

It locks down loyalty, revs up revenue, and catapults conversions.

It’s part of the DNA of the future-proof enterprise.

And, it’s even the most critical marketing trend of this century.

It’s content personalization, and at Contentstack, we’re no strangers to it. And to be competitive in the future, you shouldn’t be either.

Personalization utilizes data to create content, products, marketing, and more that’s unique and relevant to each consumer. It enables businesses to remain competitive and relevant in a digital economy where consumers are increasingly motivated to engage with brands that keep their personal best interests in mind.

Content personalization pays off when you consider that, at its peak maturity, personalization can lift revenue by as much as 60%, 6X email conversion rates, improve brand satisfaction by 20%, and pack plenty more big business benefits.

There’s no doubt that content personalization presents business-changing opportunities. However, to use it to its maximum benefit, organizations must adopt key technological elements that will empower them to optimize and serve fully-personalized content, products, marketing, and more.

That’s why, in this infographic, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how content personalization works and the content personalization technology you need to level-up and lead your industry in delivering the personalized experiences that consumers crave.



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