Webinar | Modern content marketing in practice (Part 3): Measuring content marketing experiences


If we can measure it, we can manage it. We’ve heard this business maxim for years. And it’s wrong. We shouldn’t make things matter because they’re measurable. We should make them measurable because they matter.

In the first two parts of this series, we established why building an operating model for content, and learning how to scale content operations matter. You are now in a great position to connect those experiences with data that enable the measurement of the thing that truly matters: the impact of content on our audiences.

We need a framework that doesn’t just enable us to measure what we manage but illustrates clearly why content is such an important part of our business strategy.

Join Robert Rose in this third and final webinar to explore the various ways that businesses can begin to establish the owned media experiences along the customer journey, and the means by which they can measure audiences that show improved return on investment. You’ll learn:

  • A Framework for measuring audiences at every step along the engagement lifecycle
  • Best-In-Class examples of how to apply first-party data to the measurement of content
  • A self-assessment tool that can help you see where your first opportunities may be in creating an owned media strategy.

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Robert Rose

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

The Content Advisory

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