Webinar | Learn the true value of a headless CMS, featuring Forrester


Traditionally, CMS systems were designed to deliver content to a single digital channel, the website. In the last ten years, those channels have evolved to include mobile devices, tablets, smart watches, AR/VR, and many other digital devices, and users are consuming content in more ways than they have before. For the first time in 2016, mobile internet usage exceeded desktop usage, leading way to a new era of smart devices, bots, “Internet of Things” (IoT), and digital assistants. The need for content delivery to a complex ecosystem of devices has become increasingly dire. This suddenly begs the question for every developer and marketer, what CMS is suitable for a multi-channel world?

Headless CMS has addressed this issue by delivering a framework to free developers and content editors from being dependent on the traditional web content management system solution. Using what’s called a “Content API,” it allows content to be delivered to any channel, accommodating how content is consumed both now and in the future.

Download this webinar to learn about the headless CMS solution and get insight into:

  • The headless CMS infrastructure and how its architecture is the go-to solution for the multi-channel world.
  • How a headless CMS content delivery and management best serve developers and marketers.
  • Popular headless CMS features and functionalities, unique use-cases and case studies.



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Mark Grannan

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