Fireside Chat: Embracing the MACH Approach

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As the technology landscape grows more and more complex, the decisions over your digital infrastructure and tools are more important than ever. The “MACH” approach (Microservices, API-First, Cloud-Native, and Headless) empowers companies to adopt the best in breed technology in order to deliver outstanding experiences with incredible speed.

In this Fireside Chat, Contentstack CTA and Founder Nishant Patel sits down with Gireesh Sahukar, Sr. Director of Digital Technology at Dawn Foods, and Kelly Goetsch CPO at commercetools, to discuss how Dawn Foods paired Contentstack and commercetools for their MACH approach to modernize their commerce experience.

Access the fireside chat to learn:

  • How the MACH approach to technology creates more agile and flexible businesses
  • Why Dawn Foods transformed their sales process through ecommerce
  • How to identify MACH impostors on your shortlist of solutions

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Nishant Patel

Co-founder and CTO at Contentstack


Kelly Goestch

Chief Product Officer



Gireesh Sahukar

Sr. Director, Digital Technology

Dawn Foods

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